Alligator Tears


Melissa Harris Perry’s Apology was anything but sincere.  First she says she was “Roped” into the comedic behavior, but SHE brought the picture to the Hate fest.  And here’s another dirty little liberal secret; if you can’t make sense of something, get emotional and start name calling.  That’s the typical conversation with a liberal.  You say Obama is a liar.  They say “Well what about Bush”? usually followed by: “They all Lie”.  When you respond in a civil voice and say but what about Holder taking executive privilege on the fast and furious scandal, and the IRS and the NSA and Benghazi?  They reach deep for Richard Nixon then call you a fucking white, racist, fascist, Neo-Con, Nazi. And hang up on you if it’s the phone, or give you the finger if it’s in church.

Since the emotional card comes so easy, it’s like shooting ducks in a barrel to cut loose of a few tears when you’re contemplating joining the unemployed.  Why do you think most actors are libs?   Although would say my statement is false and tell me to go fuck myself; just try it some day.  You’ll see.  But it only works if the liberal has something to lose.  Romney’s polite response along with mass Voter fraud is why Mitt lost in 2012.

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