If you want to do damage to the democrats, start the “Welfare Party”.  Run Welfare Party Candidates against Democrat candidates.  Are you getting the picture now?  Special Interests within the party will only weaken the party.  Don’t fool yourselves; the 2010 election was a referendum against Obamacare, not a victory for the Tea Party. 


The time has REALLY come for all good men to come to the aid of their country.  Many of you have been “taken” by those who used the Tea Party for personal gain.  Disgruntled politicians saw an opportunity to try and get back in the game by creating Political Action Committees. (PACs)

We saw the “Tea Party Express” and “Tea Party Patriots” as well as other brands of the “Tea Party” this or that.   But the message got lost in the marketing.  True patriots seeking less government were marketed like pet rocks.

You were scorned.

On Fox News, Sean Hannity, who for years, was a “Self Proclaimed REAGAN REPUBLICAN” Now claims to be an Independent.  And I don’t know who Juan Williams is trying to fool by saying he’s a “Libertarian”?

Those who have given faithfully to the Tea Party gave from the heart and not from the brain.  I KNEW once I heard the term: “Tea Party Candidate”; that the left had a tangible enemy to manipulate.  What happened when the Tea Party started running Witches and plumbers against republicans that were sure winners, they “Ross Peroed” the Republican Party.  In many districts these Tea Party candidates won some contests but gave up ground in the war.

One reason is because many Tea Party groups saw “Establishment” republicans as the enemy.  Hey, you’re shooting your team mate.  If your candidate is not strong enough to take down a Harry Reid, then don’t run him or her against a sitting Representative unless they’ve done blatant damage to the party like Arlen Specter.

The co-opting of the Tea Party by former politicians only proves that absolute power corrupts absolutely.  And people who know little about politics are very vulnerable.

I’m asking Tea Partiers to quit organizing and get back to being conservative Republicans.  A third party only fractures the party it has commonalities with.  Be an American and say I’m Mad As Hell and I’m not Going to take it anymore.  Rise up patriots.  Drop the Tea Party name and call yourself a Patriot. (Not a Tea Party Patriot).  You’ve made the wave, now act as an American and join the 2014 Insurrection.   We need STRONG Republicans.  Not weak splinters.

“A house divided is a house that cannot stand” ~ Jesus

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