One Prolific High School


San Mateo


This is just a quick list of alumni that attended the “all male” Catholic school.

John V. Shields

Class of 1950 – After graduating with his MBA from Stanford he went from Macy’s to Mervyn’s and other department stores as a consultant.  He ran into a former Stanford Alumni named Joe Coulombe, who had opened a small chain of grocery stores called Trader Joe’s.  After a year, Coulombe retired and made Shields the CEO of the food chain.  During Shield’s tenure TJ’s grew from 27 stores to 174 stores and from $132 million to $2 billion in sales. He retired from TJ’s in 2001.

Michael Trucco

 Michael_Trucco88 Samuel_Anders

Michael Trucco is a native of San Mateo.  He was a member of the graduating class of 1988.  Michael went on to have a prolific acting career .  He is best known for his role as Samual T. Anders. (No relations) Michael has also been seen in many USA Network shows such as “Charmed” and was actually on 90210 at one time.

Lynn Swann


Lynn Swann, class of 1970, spent his entire career with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He was known for his very acrobatic receptions.   Lynn is arguably the 2nd best wide receiver ever.  (A good distance behind #80 Jerry Rice also a product of the San Francisco Bay Area).  After winning almost every NFL award to be won; Lynn Swann went on to be an announcer on ESPN.

Gregg Jefferies


Perhaps one of most unfortunate successful graduates from Serra in 1985; Gregg was drafted by the N.Y. Mets Organization.  Jefferies went on to win the minor league player of the year in his first year of the minors.  Gregg Jefferies was a lethal power hitting, high average hitting, high RBI hitting infielder that was very good with the glove.  The problem was, the Mets who had just won the World Series in 1986 had a stacked line up.  There was no room for the future All-star.  Gregg got his call to the majors in August of 1988.  In the 29 games he played; Jefferies hit .321 and put on a major league performance.  I might add at this time that a truly talented rookie will come up, veteran pitchers will challenge the unknown entity with their “HEAT” and most really good ballplayers can hit a fastball.  So it’s not uncommon to see a late season hitter come up and be successful “The first time around”.  In Gregg’s second year at the Major league level he struggled.  Again, this is not unusual because you’re facing some the best pitching in the world and now they have “scouting reports on you”.  In other words; The word has gotten out about your ability to hit a fastball.  So Jefferies in his 2nd season saw his batting average fall from .321 to an earthly .258.  Again, this is not unusual especially for a rookie in his first full season.  During the dog days of September,  Jefferies was involved with an altercation with former Mets pitcher Roger McDowell.  McDowell made a comment and Jefferies charged the mound.

In 1991 The Metz traded Jefferies to Kansas City who traded Gregg to St. Louis where Gregg blossomed.  He made the All-star team in 1993 and 1994 as a 1st baseman.  During both seasons he would hit .342 and .325.  I opened this critique on Gregg by saying he was unfortunately successful.  Sometimes talent alone isn’t enough.  In life, whatever you attempt to be successful at it takes three elements, Talent, Opportunity and luck.  You need all three.  For Gregg; he struggled for the real opportunity.  It wouldn’t come until he was traded for a second time to St. Louis where he excelled.


Jim-Fregosi 59 

A Member of the class of 1959, Jim was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels.  Jim was known as a power hitting Shortstop.  If you were a kid in the 60s and you lived in L.A. you wanted to grow up to be Jim Fregoshi.  Jim played for the Angels for 11 years.  He ended his career in 1978 with the Pirates.  Jim then went on to be a very sought after manager with the Angels, White Sox, Phillies and Blue Jays.



Michael (Class of 1968) was the original drummer for Carlos Santana in the Band “Santana”  He’s known for his performance at Woodstock.  Michael played drums as well as wrote and co-produced on Santana’s first 7 albums.  His last notable work was with Sammy Hagar.



What can you say about this guy?  He is a quarterback in the NFL.  Class of 1995, NFL quarterback for the New England Patriots (2000-), 3-time Super Bowl champion (2001, 2003, 2004), 2-time Super Bowl MVP (2001, 2003), 2-time NFL MVP (2007, 2010). 5 time AFC Champion (2001, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2011). He will be mentioned among the greats like Steve Young and Joe Montana.




promobolic_product Syringe


Class of 1982 and son of Major league great Bobby Bonds.  He was drafted by Pittsburgh and traded to San Francisco.



Class of 1983 and ubiquitous face of FOX NEWS.  He’s the Journalist’s answer to the TV series “Seinfeld”  He’s as eloquent as Shakespeare while as ruthless as Genghis Kahn.  You can see him hosting, Red Eye, The Five, The O’Reilly Factor and he occasionally  does Nair commercials. (Yes those are his legs).  If you can tell a person by the company he keeps one might think Greg has spent a good deal of time in Rehab.  That being said, Greg is quick to point out the 110 MILLION killed by communism in the 20th century.  He’s a social liberal at times and a lovabe fascist  at other times.  I can’t wait to read “Not Cool” in the library.  (Just Kidding) If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy of Not Cool; “You sir are WORSE THAN HITLER”.

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