As a kid, I remember in 1962 my whole neighborhood standing in front of my house in the country staring up at the sky.  I said: “What are we doing”?  Someone looking up said: “We’re looking for UFOs.

“WHAT’S A UFO”? I asked.  My brother said: “It’s a flying saucer. STUPID”.   I had seen the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” with GORT and Klaatu so I knew what a flying lenticular shaped object was at the age of 5 or 6

I went through my younger years looking up hoping to see something but even as a teen, I could tell the port and starboard lights of a conventional aircraft.  I stared through my Tasco telescope in the late 60s but never saw a sign of E.T. until about 30 years later.

I wasn’t looking for a UFO which was the coolest part of it.  And what absolutely confirmed my suspicions was not how it looked or sounded or the kind of lights; But the trajectory of the object.  I can remember it as if it just happened.  My family was camping just west of “Emerald Bay” in Southwest Lake Tahoe.   I was sitting (slouched) in a lawn chair around a camp fire.  The fire had died down and only hot coals were burning.

As I was “zoning out” just staring at the sky in a state of wonderful relaxation: I saw what appeared to be a shooting star only slower.  Then, to my shock (And I was in my 30s at the time and not under the influence of any substance) this meteor made a 140 degree reversal. This is a maneuver that meteors, asteroids or conventional aircraft are physically incapable of performing.

Then just as quickly as it did the 140 degree reversal, it did a 95 to 100 degree port (Left) maneuver and was gone in less than a second.  No conventional aircraft could have done these inertia defying maneuvers.  And no it wasn’t a spark from the campfire.  As I said, it looked in the beginning to be a shooting star. (Meteor) It couldn’t have been traffic lights as it was slightly off center to the zenith (directly above) of where I was looking and we were at the top of the mountain.

UFO Experience

Years later I would find out that the Tahoe Forest is part of the UFO triangle which goes from Area 51 Nevada, to Edwards AFB in Southern California, then north to Mt. Shasta in northern California.


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