That’s what the WAVE magazine (South Bay/San Jose, CA) calls me.  I’m sure Greg Gutfeld has a few copies in his bathroom.  When I released my album “American Infidel”, the Wave Magazine gave it rave reviews and called me the guitar god (Little g) from Los Altos.  A city south of San Mateo where Greg was born.

Anyway, I figured the president is going give a speech to those with Obamaphones and the rest of his constituents that can’t read or write.  That’s why he uses plenty of one syllable words and can not pronounce Corpsman.  (Ask any Marine on a beach what a Corpsman is and they’ll tell you.  It’s what you yell when you’ve been hit and you’re dying.) But I digress.  So I figured instead of writing another boring article on that self important ass hole, I said: “Screw him”,  I would write about a different one.  Me!

Green Ace_edited-2

In my world, one of the greatest guitar instrumentals ever written was “Sleepwalk”.  It hit the charts in the late 50’s by a group called Santos and Johnny. Actually it was Santos/Santos/and Johnny.  So on my 3rd album I recorded the Iconic 50s song which was the theme song from the movie “La Bamba”.  Starring Lou Diamond Phillips.

The original won a Grammy for being the only song featuring a pedal Steel guitar to make the pop charts.  Then it got forgotten about until 1986 when Larry Carlton recorded it.  Larry’s version got very little air time and again it was forgotten about until the Stray Cats made it big.  Brian Setzer who most young people think wrote the song has a beautiful version of it.  When Brian started the Brian Setzer Orchestra (BSO) he recorded what I felt was perhaps the best version of it.

Fast forward to 2004.  I was in love with the song.  I loved the original, I felt BSO with that horn section just lit the song up.  (Damn those horns) So when I was in the studio doing my version, I wanted to stay true to the original but I wanted it to POP like Setzer’s BSO version.  So I used various guitars.  I played slide on a Les Paul guitar and I played the Horn section with a Melodic Heavy Metal guitar to make it pop.  (It’s called shredding).  Put it all together and I say this after 10 years of the album’s release, but I think my version is amongst the best.  If you took my version and spliced Brian’s horns in it, it would be the best by far.  Unlike Brian who tends to play “Busy” and unlike Santos and Johnny who just played a “foundation”.  I think my version is “amongst” the best.

If I could have only mixed in those beautiful horns.

YOU BE THE JUDGE.  I don’t think the BSO version is on you tube any longer, also the photos were shot by me and all of the instruments were played by me.

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