I care about our President and wouldn’t want anything to happen to him

Like the Democrats Wished upon President G.W. Bush:

Let’s take a stroll down the left bank of memory lane.












(I said diversity not adversity)

3 thoughts on “I care about our President and wouldn’t want anything to happen to him

  1. So, are you suggesting these were typical? They weren’t. However, it’s a big country. There are some nuts and / or folks with bad taste and a lack of manners at every point on the political spectrum, I guarantee. It’s deplorable behavior no matter what the source is. You must admit there’s also a degree of symbolic difference between hanging a white or a black man in effigy, in a country with a history of lynchings.

    • Hi Mikey and Thank you for reading my article. I do not equate all democrats with the radicals that were calling for Bush 43’s head. I do take note of your racial double standard. Are you saying that wanting to hang Bush is politically acceptable, but if he were black these same haters would have refrained? I have to throw the B.S. flag on that one. There in lays the difference between the right and the left. I’m yet to see a pic or newsreel of an Obama effigy being hung.

      In fact, when 2 million Tea partiers protested at the D.C. Mall, anyone with a violent sign of protest were dealt with “By the party”, AND unlike the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd; The tea party left the mall spotless. Unlike those who attended the President’s inauguration which required $25,000 of tax payer dollars to clean up. Yes, there is a huge difference in the decorum between left and right.

      The point is, even the radical right wing has enough respect (Or at least a modicum of respect) for the office not to behave in such a vile, hateful, despicable manner. I use to be a Democrat and I know. I know that the left is quick to use emotions instead of fact. It astounds me. I truly don’t want to see Obama treated like Bush was. (And these photos are not touched up or staged), Not because he doesn’t deserve it, but because I expect better from conservatives.

      • I didn’t say hanging anyone in effigy was acceptable. I said it was deplorable behavior no matter who’s doing it. What I suggested was that hanging a black man in effigy is EXTRA bad. It’s like depicting Jews with big noses, grasping bags of money, or Japanese with Bugs Bunny teeth and thick glasses. The racist dimension (because of lynching) adds another layer of wrong on top. That’s what I was saying.

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