The Music Industy and Washingtion D.C.

The Music Industry and Washington D.C.


I was listening to Frank Zappa in the early days talking about the decline of the “Record” industry.  He talked about how when it all started, you had big fat guys with cigars that didn’t know what they were doing, but they “Took a chance on something new”.  Frank actually uses the term “Entrepreneurial attitude’.  He was referring to the 60’s.  This was before auto-tune and lip syncing at live concerts that you pay 75 bucks a seat for.

Frank goes on to say that once the old cigar smoking execs were successful with this new music; they didn’t know how to handle it so they felt they needed a “Hippie” in the office to tell them what the kids liked.

Frank tells us that eventually the Hippie gets promoted to the position of an A&R representative (Artist and Repertoire) who got an office and a desk to put his feet up on.  Soon the Hippie was telling the old guys what the kids wanted to hear because HE was the official spokesperson for all young kids.  HE KNEW WHAT WAS BEST FOR THE RECORD COMPANY.


2009, Washington D.C. Barak Obama and Nancy Pelosi who was the speaker of the house put forward a monstrous, gigantic socialized health bill that despite a 73% disapproval rating, got shoved through in the middle of the night.  Why?  Because Obama/Reid/Pelosi knew what was best for America.


Gee that sounds familiar.  By the way; has anyone seen the music industry lately?

The first 2 minutes of this video are Frank explaining the shape of the American government.  Only he’s using the music industry as a “Parable”.  He was a prophet.


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