The Sins of the many far outweigh the good of the few.  Perhaps this is why Jesus said The gate to righteousness is narrow and few shall enter.  While American Leftist use the “green” Ideological movement to suck more tax out of Americans and chase more businesses to other countries; These other countries are the major cause of pollution and the destruction or decay of life on Earth as we once knew it.


Although this may look like a black and white image; It is in color.

That’s freshly made Chinese smog.

As China continues to pollute the planet, the U.S. is being strangled by leftist Ideologues who sing, “But we must do our part”. Therefor our economic growth has been frozen by Federal regulations.  Have you ever heard the term “pissing into the wind”?  China and Russia do not give a Rat’s ass about the ecological destruction they’re creating.  And this paradigm is causing the decline of the United States as we once knew it when WE were polluting the planet.

Unfortunately, countries need economic growth as well as ecological sanity to maintain a healthy balance of the environment.  Without economic growth, we cannot have procreation.  Without procreation we cannot have a dominant military, or a sufficient amount of job providers and tax payers.   One way to stimulate economic grow it to shrink government.  If you stop giving away tax dollars, the incentive to migrate here illegally will be shifted to more socialistic countries.




I would not be surprised to see civil unrest in Europe lead to an “Ethnic Cleansing” of Muslims (Who procreate at a rate of 8 Muslims per female).  As opposed to White non-Hispanic/Muslim females who now procreate at a rate of 1.3 children per female.


Women have children if they have a means of supporting them.  Wealthier couples have more children than those living from paycheck to paycheck.  So the key to national survival is to secure our borders and get our economy on track.  NAFTA was a NWO Idea that is destroying America.




Obama’s administration knows this which is why we’re being distracted from the border and he is doing little to encourage economic growth.  In 2016, America will need a President and Vice President that will seal the southern border, turn our economy around and of course make our military strong again.  Basically we need another Ronald Reagan without Tip O’Neil.  It’s going to take a Republican Super Majority to undo the damage of a 2 year Democrat Super Majority.

Like most crises it’s going to have to get ugly before it gets better.

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