This article will not reference any minorities 

I had never even heard of Ferguson, Misery, I’m sorry Missouri.  In fact having toured the entire U.S. and Canada, I would say without a doubt that besides Birmingham Alabama, St. Louis is the last city I would want to be stuck in.  Yes, John, I’d rather be stuck in Lodi.

I would have to say that most of my really smart friends are physicians.(As in MDs) and I’ve actually heard this phrase more than once. “I’m having a hard time understanding that culture”.  To be honest I can’t recall the last time the National Guard was called out to deal with angry Caucasians.  When reporters covering the “looting” in Ferguson talk about the National Guard, they immediately reference the riots in Watts.  (Los Angeles).  Does anyone recall the Riots in that same city in1992?  I think Reginald Denny, an innocent white truck driver is still looking for parts of his brain or grey matter on the corner of Florence and Normandy.

What was scary about the 1992 Riots were that we saw miniature copycat riots pop up all across the country.  Hell even Toronto had riots in the street. Another scary thing to remember about the 92 L.A. riots were that people “Thought” they were rioting with impunity.  People with color TVs over their shoulders were giving interviews to KABC and saying Hi mom.  Some of them even introduce themselves and said what part of L.A. they were from.  When asked by intrepid reporters: “Don’t you know what you’re doing is wrong”?  The looters, (almost all of them) would counter: “Why not? It’s Free”!

What we see happening in Ferguson MO is not a result of a Massive child the size of a door frame getting shot by a policeman, but a result of 6 years of false empowerment.  We remember the oxy moronic statement: “I don’t know the facts, but the Cambridge Police acted stupidly”.  Mr. President, if you didn’t know the facts how can you determine that the Police acted stupidly unless you have an inherent hate for the police?  We see “Flash Mobs” where a certain composition goes on an organized, premeditated “looting spree”.

Cities with a particular composition will be rioting this weak end.  I am afraid this might be the spark that has lit the fuse. Yes I believe the fuse was lit six years ago.  Let us all pray this administration doesn’t rush to martial law.  And please note that throughout this article I only referenced one ethnicity.





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