Yesterday, 22 January 2015, I wrote about the paradigm shift from the “Greatest Generation” the generation that fought WWII; up through today’s.  The children of the 60s, many of whom grew up as part of the “Counter-Culture” are in positions of major importance today.  Example: Barack Hussein Obama.  His parents and mentor were communists and Muslims.

(Hey I didn’t make up his name) Furthermore, at one point he changed his name to Barry Soetoro.  So why did he change it back to a name of Muslim Origin?  Was it to be cool with the other black kids?  That is the one adjective that the counter culture clings to as their claim to achievement; they’re cool.

Unfortunately, the cool kids were easy to beat up in school.  The cool kids usually cut class and went golfing, err, I mean smoked dope, err, I mean hung out. Yeah that’s it.  As does Barack Hussein Obama.  How did he do in the world of Academia?  Who knows?  He’s had his school records sealed and will not allow them to be made public.  After six years, you can tell when the cool kid hasn’t studied for his S.A.T. exam.  Ours is failing badly (figuratively speaking as president). But he still governs on coolness.  He’s appeared on more television shows than he has in front of congress.  When he does appear on TV shows, he treated like a cool teddy bear.  While the whole time he’s on “The View” Russia is invading the Ukraine and Iran is polishing their new ICBM missiles.  When he’s golfing; ISIS is beheading Americans and he’s smiling for photo ops.

 That’s the Macro view.

 Let’s look at how the “cool parents” have raised their offspring.  I’ll give you one name: Michael Brown.  Do you want another? Trayvon Martin!  It’s no wonder teens are ending up dead.  They’ve developed a “You can’t touch me” attitude from their big role model the Manchurian President himself.

It was Bush that made me ruin the country.

It was the Republicans that wouldn’t let me get things done.

Hey Barry, you had Harry Reid doing your dirty work in the Senate for 6 years) Did you know that over 300 house bills are sitting in the congress that Harry Reid would not allow to come to vote?  Now like the spoiled little failure that he is (I won 2 elections) all he can say is: “I’ll veto whatever I do not like”.  But he’s gone so narcissistic that even Democrats are yelling at him.



After a year in office, I believe it was Charles Krauthammer who said: “He’s obviously in over his head”.   By the way, the president won two elections.  Republicans have won about 300 since he’s been in office.


The old Democrat in me (whom I fed to the lions in 1980) really hates what this inner circle of liberals have done to the DNC.  John F. Kennedy would have been called a Hater by Whoopi Goldberg if he were alive and running in 2016.  (That’s if you can remember that whole thing with Cuba and Russian missiles aimed at the U.S. or US.


Just as Hitler had his inner circle; so does Obama.  Instead of Himmler, Göring, and Göebles; we have Jaret, Pelosi and Reid.  Hitler’s henchmen were evil, perhaps more evil than Hitler.  Obama’s lackeys are stooges. Only more dangerous than Larry, Moe and Curly.


I use to hear a term in the 70s when Carter established the federal department of education in October of 1979. Go back even further to the 60s when LBJ proclaimed his “War on poverty”.

 The term?  “The Dumbing Down of America”. 

It started with the crap that was being shown on television.  Although tame by today’s standards, shows like Three’s company were the beginning of the end of mores in America.

MORES (pronounced Mor-ays)

Plural noun, Sociology 

             1. Folkways of central importance accepted without question and embodying the fundamental moral views of a group.



It seemed harmless at the time, but soon we would have “The Housewives of” (fill in the city).

Enter a wretched form of entertainment called Rap.  A pontificating uneducated asshole’s dream that defines women as nothing more than sex objects, and glorifies gang violence.  It used to be (in the ghetto) that if you wanted to be something, you had to be tall and shoot hoops. (Or join a gang) Now, it’s be a rapper and join a gang.  Again yet another form of the dumbing down of America.

But it doesn’t take much to see that Manchurian Politics has forced the private market to hire people that should not be working.  To quote “Green Jobs Czar & self-proclaimed Communist” Van Jones “Yall gonna have to give Pookie a job”.

Well Pookie got a job and now Pookie steals my mail.  An institution that use to pride its’ self on delivering the mail (or Post for you across the pond) is now stealing the mail.  Pookie steals my credit card number at the department store.  Pookie steals my Social Security number at the Bank.  Pookie steals with impunity.

What inspired me to write this vapid article on attrition?  I’ve noticed in the last 5 (maybe 10)years that I’ve had to show extra patience at check-out stands while Juanita is doing the “English to Spanish translation” in her head, then hoping that she hits the right keys on her register or waiting for Shenequa who is waiting for the cash register to tell her how much change I get when the price is $4.99 and I hand her a $5.00 bill.

Recently I ordered a custom made calendar for 2015. It came with the title saying 2015 on the front (as I designed it that way) yet it came printed on last year’s 2014 calendar.  So I call and get Pookie on the phone. Pookie says “Dat cool, I take care of it”.  I got another 2014 calendar 11 days later.  Finally I called back and got someone named John that spoke professionally who said: “I’m sorry sir, I’ll take care of that for you.  It came correctly two days later.

Along with patience, you now have to “double” or even “triple check” everything that you do.  When I call and make an appointment, a week in advance I call to make sure it’s still on the books.  When I order something, I always check to see if it has been shipped.  When I take down information over the phone I always say: “OK, let me read this back to you to make sure we’re both in the same queue on this”.  When someone says: “That will get shipped out tomorrow” and I need it quickly, I’ll call and ask if it got shipped out.

The most important word in the daily performance of life is “CONFIRMATION”.

What I’m saying is the age of a dumbed down America is here.  I fear that soon it will be gone.  Not the age of stupidity but America.  Do you know what they call a country that has uneducated proletariats working in the masses?



The American Experiment was founded on sacrifice, hard work, dedication and honesty (only back then they called it Godliness).  We inherited a fine country.  It was a fine working, well-tuned machine.  And to this day, the only one of its’ kind. 1 in a series of 1.  Then we gave the keys to the Ferrari to a bunch of drunk Teenagers.  Those who were allowed jobs without the ability to read found their place of employment a fine place to steal.  Sloth and crime has replaced the work ethic.  If you don’t work for something you can’t enjoy it. Political correctness has allowed termites to enter the woodwork of societies all over the world.


You know what the two alternatives are.

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