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Social media can offer tremendous value while at the same time offering pernicious abuse. When you go on a forum such as FaceBook or MySpace, you collect an audience called “Friends”.   When FaceBook started, it was a way for college students to network with their “Friends”. That seemed innocent enough.


Then everyone from TV Stars to the girl you sat behind in your sixth grade math class started showing up on FaceBook. So you sent a “Friend request” to see how things have gone with someone you use to know 25 years ago. Many guys looked up old girlfriends to see what they missed out on. (Or not). I think the first public figure I had as a friend on FaceBook was Katee Sackhoff from “Battle star Galactica” and “24”. From a musician’s POV I allowed everyone to be my friend. I’m beginning to think this was more bad than good. CD Baby had a great article on drawing a line between your fans and your friends. As a musician you say you love your fans because without them, you’re nothing.


Terry Anderson, a songwriter that I admired quite a bit wrote a song called: “Stay away from your Heroes”. I believe he was talking about Chuck Berry. Chuck Berry may be the father of Rock and Roll but from what I’ve heard from those who know him personally, you are not missing much if you’re not friends with Chuck. Let me say that I’m quoting others. I’ve never met the man. He could be as nice as Santa Claus. Terry and I were friends for a while and when Obama was elected to the oval office, he accused me of being a racist because I didn’t like his socialist policies. I liked Terry much more before I got to know him. I did learn how to write good songs during my short friendship with Mr. Anderson and I owe him for that. But it saddens me to know that he is a stereotypical leftist who hasn’t grown up yet. If you disagree with the leftist, they will go from “Wanna get together for a beer”? to “ You’re a F’n racist and other names” in 5 seconds or less. If you’re not as radical as the leftist, the leftist wastes no time dumping you as a friend. Unlike the conservative who wants to show respect, kindness and understanding and is willing to give you a second or third chance.


As a conservative, I will tolerate a great deal of “Snark” or “rhetoric”. There is a fine line between joking and disrespect on-line. The old saying: “It’s not what they say but how they say it” has no meaning in a text format. You can’t insult someone and justify it by putting the ubiquitous “LOL” after it. Perhaps the leftist is spot on. If someone shows you disrespect on line, waste no time in trashing them. (Unfriending them) Unfortunately, if they haven’t grown up, you’re wasting your time.

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