The use of the term: “Shocked, Shocked”.  Most of the Journalistic Larva at Fox that are under 40 have no Idea or the culture to know where the memorable line came from.  As the head publisher at the Café Americain, it’s my moral responsibility to ask you to please ban the use of this term by anyone at the five with perhaps the exception of yourself and Bob.  I hate it when Fox news contributors read a card that was written for them and they stumble over the repetivitive statement: “When Governor Christie heard this he was shocked shocked that this would happen in his administration.  Your younger colleagues look lost when they stumble over one of the greatest lines of corruption from the Silver Screen.  How dare they “besmirch” Captain Renault’s famous line in Casablanca. When he said: “I’m shocked! Shocked to find out there is gambling going on in this establishment”.  “Here’s your winning sir”.  “Why thank you.  Thank you very much”.


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