Fatty FAT, fat fat………….


I was reading an article on-line a couple of nights ago about McDonalds French Fries. *(ya I know, too much time on my hands) http://www.rense.com/general7/whyy.htm But if there is one thing that Democrats AND Republicans (and maybe even independents) agree upon is that McDonald’s makes the best fast food French fry. (say that ten times real fast) But what was responsible for that great taste? The Russet Burbank potatoes were deep fried in 93 percent “BEEF TALLOW” . yummmmmmm. Rendered Beef Fat.
But the amount of saturated fat in a small order of French fries was greater than that in a Big Mac. hahahaha.
Personally, I need to watch my Cholesterol. And what most people don’t realize is that you don’t control your Cholesterol by limiting your dietary Cholesterol (ie, eggs, shrimp etc) you moderate your body’s production of Cholesterol by limiting the amount of “Saturated FAT” that you eat. Here’s a good example: Shrimp is very high in Cholesterol yet extremely low in Saturated fat. The chances of you dying from eating a shrimp diet is far less likely than you eating a diet of potato chips that say “no cholesterol” yet is loaded to the brim with “Trans-fat”. (Trans-fat elevates your triglycerides) . Back in the day when the companies were asked to make the public aware of Cholesterol, they chose to list the chemical content of Cholesterol in their product. Most people are completely unaware of the connection between “Saturated Fat” (which BTW is primarily Animal Fat) and Cholesterol.
The American Heart Association does recommend that you keep your dail intake of dietary Cholesterol below 300 mg per day.
I truly feel that once you understand the physics of how food works in your body, you can make smart choices about your diet that will help you live a healthier longer life. (if you want to) You’ll be able to see thru the “quick fix” approach of Atkins. (Your body needs carbs, Carbs don’t make you fat, Saturated fat does) Carbs are the Gasoline for the Fire (the fire being Fats)
I have to quote Matthew Kelly:
“If you owned a million dollar Race Horse. Would you feed it McDonald’s Big Macs?”

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