It’s a Morbid Joke in the medical profession.  When you’re struggling to stop a vessel from bleeding, an older much more experienced doctor will say to the young resident: “All Bleeding Stops Eventually”.  Translated, what he means is, if you can’t stop the bleeding; It will stop on it’s own when there is no more blood left.  That’s what this month’s unemployment report reflects.

New Job report

The Yayhoos in the White house have been calling the “Unemployment benefits” report the “Unemployed”.  The problem is, they assume you’ve found a job just because your benefits ran out.  Isn’t it interesting how the unemployed rate drops dramatically the same month the “Emergency unemployment extensions” expired?  This would be like the patient losing all of it’s blood. The good news Dr. Obama would says is: “The bleeding stopped”!  The bad news is, the patient is dead.

The Jobs created in December (Last month) was an anemic 73,000 (And that would include Holiday temporary hires)  in December of 2013 which was the lowest since 2011.  How could so many more people find jobs that were not created?  Of course once congress extends the unemployment benefits to 1.3 Million unemployed the unemployment rate will jump up to 7 plus.  This is how crazy Obama’s employment math is.

Don’t be surprised to see him touting how unemployment is dropping.  Like I said, all bleeding stops eventually.

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