Monogamy vs. Polyamory

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With all due respect to those of this community that practice “polyamory”, the principles of infidelity in a two person relationship is flawed.  When I say a two person relationship, I mean two people that have come together under the law, come together under their god and come together under the same roof.Going outside of the relationship for your intimate needs lessons your relationship because you’re not getting the most out of what that relationship has to offer. People usually cannot see the beauty of what their partner has to offer because they’re more concerned with what their own personal needs are or that their partner doesn’t know what pleases them. (Me, me, me)

That’s a lack of communication and respect.

If you are in a conventional two person relationship, and your S.O. wants to go outside the relationship for things that were reasons for entering the exclusive two person relationship, eventually there will come a time when one or the other says: “What’s the point of being trapped in this fake relationship”?

What’s the point of living with the same person, when you’re dining and sleeping with someone else? What’s the point of sharing financial responsibilities if one party is spending the disposable income on entertaining someone outside the circle of intimacy?

Why not face reality; divorce and be free to see as many people as wish as often as you wish?

The reason is:

Deep down inside; we want someone that we trust to be there.  We want someone who will race to the emergency room when all hell has broken loose. We know that two people that “cleave together” live longer than those who live alone and use other people for social stimulation. We know that the bond between two humans is so great than when someone in an LTR dies, the survivor usually follows 2 to 6years later.

We know that when you live with someone long enough and are truthful and respecting of them, it makes you a better person. We learn more from exclusive relationships about ourselves if we’re open minded enough to look inward and see what it is we’re doing or not doing.

Anyone can put their best foot forward in a date. But this person could be someone entirely different 18 months later.

Speaking as a musician; I’ve dated more people than I can remember. Seriously!  Strangers have come up to me claiming to have slept with me years ago. It’s embarassing and sad to a point.

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