The Iconic Face of Evil

 BM  Feuhrer  Mao stalin

The following is a letter I sent to Brad Meltzer of BM Decoded.  In reference to him referring to Adolf Hitler as “The most Evil Man in History”.

Adolf Hitler was far from (To quote your episode)”The most evil man in history”. I agree Himmler was very sinister and Hitler was a sociopath with an Oedipus complex. His roots do not differ much from another community organizer who came to power with a messianic image.


Yet the holocaust as tragic as it was only took the lives of 6 million Jews and so called undesirables. (6 Million is a mutually accepted figure by historians) This was indeed an act of genocide.  Yet how can you dismiss the 15 million Russians executed, and another 10 to 15 million Ukrainians killed by famine all at the hands of Joseph Stalin,  A man who murdered 22,000 Polish officers in the Katyn forest and tried to blame it on his partner at the time Adolf Hitler. Stalin was singly responsible for the death of over 35 Million Russians and the starvation of another 9 Million German P.O.W.s of the 10 million Germans who surrendered.

Finally Mao Zedong.  One number 50,000,000 starved to death. (Conservative estimate. Some put it at 80 Million)
Why is Hitler the “Iconic face of Evil” ? Why do Stalin and Mao get a pass?  Is it their politics?  Are you a left wing Socialist/Communist leaning producer?  Just answer that one question. Why is Hitler your choice for the Iconic face of Evil when those in the Allied forces went on to kill a combined 85 Million innocent people.
PS. Please feel free to fact check my numbers. I believe them to be conservative numbers.  Let me add one more fact.  Why isn’t Stalin the Iconic face of Evil by the simple command of allowing his red Army to Rape and Kill 1.5 to 2 million innocent German women and children in Berlin in 1945?  I believe Stalin’s exact quote was: “Tell the troops to enjoy themselves”. No, Hitler was an awful dictatorial Psychotic despot madman surrounded by evil buffoons.  But the acts of Rape, Murder and Starvation by Stalin or Mao make Hitler look like a 3rd rate thug who knocks over Bodegas.  Far from the “Iconic face of Evil” in all of history.
I could have mentioned Napoleon, Atilla and other Evil killers, but Chairman Mao, who is a favorite of this administration, and Joseph Stalin are the real faces of Evil in the History of mankind.  Even more so because they killed their own people.

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