“I have a Pen and a phone” ~ King Obama

I have a Pen and I have a phone. ~ King Obama

Spoken like the true despot that he is.  Obama once again saying he will abuse his executive orders to pass more bills usurping Congress.

Nixon DD-SC-93-04622 Tyrant

The most important thing Americans can do if they do anything substantial in 2014 is vote Harry Reid and the Democrats out of Congress.  Conservatives need to assume the power of Impeachment.  The reason Obama can spend us into destruction and have scandal after scandal with impunity, is because he can act with impunity.  Harry Reid is the best senator money can buy.  No Impeachment will make it past the house.

Think about it, Nixon in March of 1973 was facing sure Impeachment for his role in the bungled break-in at the Watergate hotel, resulting in Nixon being part of a cover up.  Nixon was being charged with obstruction of justice and abuse of power.  Important to note; Nobody died.  This is pretty damn tame compared to the death of Brian Terry and Ambassador Stevens along with three brave seals who tried to save ambassador Stevens.

Fast Forward to August of 1998.  Bill Clinton was Impeached by the house, for a Blow Job resulting in the cover up (Once again)  He was hit with 4 petty charges that I felt did more harm to the Republican Party than Bill Clinton and again, nowhere near the atrocities this president has gotten away with.

The answer is simple.  The Republican Party needs to find out who the dividers in the party are and work out their issues.  It’s my belief that we have people from the progressive party posing as Tea Party extremists who are going to try and run another witch.

The 2014 Mid-term elections are the 2nd most important elections in this decade.  I would advise conservatives who are involved with the election process to be hyper vigilant when it comes to voter fraud.  I hope (And pray) that the fix is not already in.  One can only wonder how many dead democrats will be voting absentee.  When politically neutral institutions like the IRS, GSA, NSA and DOJ are targeting conservatives, the ballot box will become an afterthought.  If  Republicans cannot gain the Senate or even worse lose the house; the Tree of Liberty may end up being watered with the blood of patriots.

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