Warren – All You can Cheat- Buffett

Warren Buffett’s Secretary pays more in Taxes than

Warren Buffett


 Remember that crap in the 2012 election?  WB’s secretary was marched out like a good little political prop/useful Idiot.  Why was Warren Buffett so eager to play Marxism with the White House Communist?

 Why did the same White House Communist threaten to veto the Keystone Pipe line?

Could it have anything to do with the alternative transportation of oil from Canada to the U.S.?  Now what are the other options instead of building a pipeline which would have created thousands of jobs?  I know, trains.  Let’s see, what are some of the businesses that saw their stock skyrocket recently?   Uhmm Burlington National Santa Fe comes to mind.  What do they do?  OH they run a railway from Canada to the U.S. what a coincidence.

Have you ever heard the term Crony Capitalism?  That’s when you give money or a contract to a business friend that you anticipate receiving some form of payback or (Campaign contributions)?

Business Insider’s Rob Wile recently did an article called: “Warren Buffett buys the right railroad”.  Gee, what a coincidence.  In 2009, then SEIU president Andy Stern in one of his numerous visits to the Oval Office was asked by a reporter: “What are going to talk to the president about today”?  Stern replied: “I’m here to collect on a debt”.

Andy Stern

 This is Chicago politics at its’ filthiest form of corruption.  The Bush haters screamed about Halliburton.  This makes the White House and everything it does look like a Warren Buffett Train Wreck


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