Excuses and Motivation

Excuses versus Motivation:

Cell small

Why didn’t you call? Uh, I was going to but…….. I lost your number. My phone got run over by an Amtrak. I won the lottery and you can kiss my ass. I had to take my grandmother to the hospital. Mercury is retrograde.

One thing you come to learn with age is, if you want to do something, you’ll find a way to do it. It’s all about motivation. For most of us deciding what to do amounts to doing what is the least miserable chore. If someone doesn’t call you back, it’s because calling you back wasn’t that important to them.  They lacked motivation.  Take that for what it’s worth. The house could have caught on fire and calling the fire department was more important. (along with the Insurance agent and your realtor) or, this person chose to go to lunch instead. Perhaps hunger was more important than calling or texting you back. Perhaps watching a Duck Dynasty re-run was more important than calling you back.  When the motivation is not there, Excuses come out of thin air.  In Los Angeles you can get away with just saying: “Ah Dude, I flaked”.  That’s an acceptable excuse. (To some)


On the other hand, if you had just won the Mega-millions Lottery and had too much money on your hands, just the rumor that you wanted someone to return your call would have had your phone ringing off the hook. “It’s all about motivation”  Here’s another great example of motivation?  When a limited number of playoff or Championship tickets go on sale and it’s your team in the playoffs,  You will build a lean-to, in the snow, out in front of the stadium ticket window the night before to be first in line.  THAT is motivation.  If you’re on the beach and the enemy is shooting down at you and your only choice is to charge the hill or stay on the beach until you are killed, you go dodging bullets up the hill to engage the enemy.  THAT is motivation.

When you ask a woman to marry you, and she says she has to “think” about it. The motivation isn’t there. Actually, I believe that you shouldn’t have to ask someone to marry you. If you don’t know what their response is going to be before you ask, you aren’t ready to get married.

In between stimulus and response there lays a space.  And in that space lays our opportunity to show motivation or make up an excuse.  Your decision affects your future.  The rest of your life starts right now.  Don’t make excuses.  Make smart decisions based on knowledge and principles.

Today’s Gurus preach: “Do it now”. It’s a form of self-motivation. It’s the cure for procrastination.

Stephen R. Covey says: Do what’s important now, before it becomes urgent. (I miss Stephen)



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