Nibiru Photos

Photos taken from the SPT (South Pole Telescope)

 If you go out tonight, look at the north star with a pair of binoculars.  Or if you happen to be out just as the sun sets, look for a “Moon” like celestial body.

Really good liars do so with passion.  Great liars are incredibly believable.  What makes good sociopathic liars convincing are when you give them a modicum of trust and they reward you with a good deed.  Look at the infamous dictators of history. They gave the starving throng a fish but would never allow them to fish.  That’s a parable of tyranny.

Where is the best place to hide an expensive diamond in your house?  A safe?  NO .  Safe are great for costume jewelry.  But make sure it’s “GOOD” costume Jewelry.  Make sure the diamonds are high quality Cubic Zirconia.   Where do you put the Diamond?  Someplace like the lining of an old 70’s “Club” Jacket.  Something with a “Disco” flavor to it.  And just hang it in your closet with your old sports jerseys.  Hiding something in plain sight is the best place to conceal anything.  Old tourist windbreakers from Fisherman’s wharf are great.  Don’t get cute and tape it to the bottom of your bed side stand.  The first thing burglars do is pull out all of your drawers and dump them on your bed.

I once sold a great MG sports car to this one guy in Oakland CA (A very high crime area).  We went into the bank to get the Pink slip and I asked him if he was going to write a check to the bank.  He reached in his flannel shirt pocket and pulled out a roll of Benjamins.  It wasn’t in his wallet which he had for his I.D.  It was in plain site.  Look at the corrupt congressman who was taking kick back money back in 2007.  He hid stacks of Benjamins in foil in the freezer of his refrigerator.  That’s a great spot unless the FBI is tossing your place.  They have all day and know all of the “plain site locations”.

What am I getting at?

Remember my Article on “All Hell Breaks Out In April 2014”?   What would the government do if a real crisis was eminent?

Let me explain the Normalcy Bias.  The normalcy Bias is man’s refusal to believe anything that would drastically shift his paradigm with those having the most to lose in the most denial.  I’ll use the typical example.  If you lived on the down side of the Hoover dam, and a rumor was being floated around that the dam was weakened and was going to give out in 72 hours.

  1. The People living closest to the damn would live in denial and say: “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah kiss my ass.  I’m sure the government has everything under control.
  2. The people who live a few miles from the Damn would say: “Have you heard that rumor about the Dam giving      way in 72 hours?  What do you think we should do”?
  3. The people 10 miles away would be packing and heading for high ground until the 72 hours had past.

The government knows this and uses it to try and debunk conspiracy theories. There’s an old saying that came out of the drug culture. “Just because you’re paranoid; It doesn’t mean they’re still not out to get you”.

I thought about the article I had written on the “2014 Apocalypse”.   One doesn’t need to spend much time viewing YouTube conspiracy videos to find something that could spark a world fire in 2014.  One is even more curious having a president that has lied about almost everything except transforming our country into a pile of unemployed crap.

Without being a conspiracy theorist; Is it permissible to ask: “Do they know something we don’t”?  If they do, would they tell us if it would spark civil unrest?  Remember in the first “Men In Black” movie, the great Tommy Lee Jones” says: “There’s always a Vrillion Battle cruiser prepared to destroy our planet and the only reason these people get on with their daily lives is because they DO NOT KNOW ABOUT IT”.


Remember the Mayan Calendar ending in 2012?  Do you remember the date 21 December , 2012?  This gave the networks plenty of plots and scenarios to write about. 12.21.12 came and went.  Or did it?  Again, I can think of 100 reasons why 2014 would be the start of the Apocalypse.  Reason # 1 Rhymes with IRAN.  You can take it form there.  But what has me concerned and I don’t want to be labeled a conspiracy theorist no more than the officers at Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7th 1941. But the lead story in my 2014 Apocalypse article was a quote from Susan Miller.  Susan mainly writes about what weekends are good for dating.  When to expect that child support check.  When is a good day to ask for a raise.  It’s usually pretty mundane stuff.

When she started talking about April and the stock market, the interviewer from the Guardian said: “It’s going to crash”?  She said NO it’s worse.  She said, we haven’t seen this sort of alignment since the American Revolutionary War.  I’ve been following Susan since 2002 and sometimes I’m amazed at her precision.  But most of it is just, mundane, stuff like, this will be a good month for publicity.  (That month I happen to be on National/International TV).  In 2012, she didn’t say a word about any doomsday scenarios.  So to hear her go: “Oh my”.  It caught my attention.


Remember the “Comet ISON? Some “conspiracy theorists” are saying it’s not a comet.  It’s the dreaded planet X aka Nibiru.(Also known by ancient Egyptians as “The Destroyer).  Nibiru is supposedly a planetary dwarf star that is 8 times the size of Jupiter.  Apparently the theory is, this huge planetary object makes a pass through our galaxy every 3600 years.  And it’s that time apparently.  These same CTs (Conspiracy theorists) are saying that Nibiru was reported by NASA in 1983 and again in 1990.  NASA has been looking for a large celestial mass that has been disrupting the orbit of Pluto and Neptune.  Now think about the concept/lie of “Global Warming”.  CTs say, Nibiru is bringing our core magma closer to the surface crust and is warming the oceans.  It’s not man’s carbon footprint.  (That’s plausible) They say Brazil will be the new North pole.  This abstract theory explains a lot of the lies and a lot of the natural disasters.


If you search this topic, you’re going to find lots of people with tin foil hats on their heads.  Perhaps a disinformation campaign by the government?  These people claim to be in “Psychic Contact” with ET.  Ignore them.  But keep an eye on this so called comet “ISON”.  If the government is getting ready for a SHTF scenario, you should be prepared also.

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