O’Reilly vs. Obama

Bill O’Reilly’s Pre-Super Bowl



 “You have to treat the president with respect”.

 I expect the political equivalent of “Soft-core porn”.  In spite of the derogatory statements the White House Despot has been making about Fox news, and Rush Limbaugh; O’Reilly will not ask anything the majority of his audience would ask.  Of all of the questions being sent to the Factor, I would predict the question O’Reilly chooses will be laughed off or he will blatantly lie about it.

I predict that the question O’Reilly asks will start out: “O.K. Mr. President, this question is from a viewer.  Joe Blow in Peoria Illinois writes, Who sent Susan Rice out on the 5 talk shows giving blatant disinformation on Benghazi”? The president will say: “That’s the INTEL we had at the time”.  Then if O’Reilly has any testosterone, he’ll have emails and congressional testimonies he can reference (Like General Ham’s) who said they were never notified.

I get rather tired of O’Reilly’s righteous indignation on the small screen, then when it comes time to ask questions, he asks if the president will go one on one in basketball.  O’Reilly is no Bob Woodward.  He wants to get invited to the press dinner.  I might add that I’m sure WH chief of Communications Valerie Jarett, aka President Jarett , will want to see the questions to asked ahead of time and if O’Reilly deviates from the “set list”, his life will be a living hell.

In short, don’t expect O to ask anything about the  blatant lies, about Obamacare.  Blatant lies by Susan Rice, why nobody has been held accountable and if the president says: “Ultimately I’m accountable” don’t expect O’Reilly to ask Obama if he’s going to resign then.  This will be a dog and pony show.

The Monday following the interview, O’Reilly will use rhetoric to explain why he COULDN’T ask the questions that need to be asked.  He’ll refer to those who disagree with his questions as “Obama Haters”.  And then he’ll fall back on the “I’ve already gotten thousands of emails asking why I wasn’t tougher.

If the president will go on late night comedy shows as well as MSNBC, he should have the guts to go on the factor where the only thing the administration can screen is the president’s physical safety. But unless this interview doesn’t end in the president taking off his lapel phone and walking out, you can expect the soft core porn interview as mentioned above.  It all depends on what O’Reilly’s definition of “respect” Is.


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