I’m not going to watch it.  Why not?  Even if he confessed all of his sins before God do you think he would be telling the truth?  What you’ll hear tomorrow will be a Campaign speech because that’s all Obama knows what to do.  Community Organizer is another title for shit stirrer.  Making a Community Organizer the President is like putting a rat in a barrel and telling it to go piss in the corner.

He won’t start off with the race card, but he’ll start by bashing Wall Street.  He’ll say we need more income equality.  There’s a name for that Mr. Community Organizer.  If you want income equality, there are well over 100,000 communities in the U.S. that offer 3 meals a day and income equality.  You have a choice of Federal or State.

If you’re young, able and have a clean rap sheet; the Military offers 3 squares and a place to sleep.  Of course you have to learn to be respectful and obey orders.  For both enlisted and officers the income is equal based on time in rank etc…

So I honestly expect the SOTU to be a collective rant of rhetoric on how Wall Street is making the “little guy” or the “Middle class” a victim.  He loves that word.  It’s a tool community organizers use as much as therapists say: “How does that make you feel” or “and then what happens”.  If he tries to point to accomplishments, he’ll tell a story of how HE’S gotten us “one third” out of the hole.  But he won’t mention it was the hole he dug or how deep it really is.

Expect to hear: “Now anyone with a pre-existing condition blah blah blah ……..” or, WE’RE producing more energy than ever.  NO Mr. Community Organizer.  Not because of you; In Spite of YOU!  Oh and that income inequality thing?  You’ve done more to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.  One wonders if those were your marching orders back in 2006?


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