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What did Phil Robertson mean?

I’m not beating a dead horse as this story supposedly disappeared weeks ago.  But what did Phil mean by “Morph Out”?  Personally I think he was referring to the Bible and his personal beliefs.  But one argument that homosexuals used to justify gay marriages was inter-racial marriage which was legalized in 1967.


In 2013 we saw the first “Gay President” (Newsweek) Obama endorse gay marriage.  He said he had “evolved” (a Darwin term used for hominids) and that the same discrimination that the country had against mixed racial marriages was unconstitutional. So the “Morphing” begins.  Obama allowed states to ignore DOMA (The defense of Marriage Act)

 What’s Next?

Phil Robertson used the term “Bestiality”.  (Sex with Animals) I wouldn’t rule out those perverted individuals who practice this disgusting act as wanting constitutional protection, but what I think we’re going to see next, (besides polygamy which has been practiced in Utah for years) would be a drive by NAMBLA to make Pedophilia legal.

Pedophiles have been using the same argument that gay couples have been using.  They say they’re being “discriminated” against and that they’re being denied their right to “love” innocent children who are not old enough to know what is happening.  NBC was amongst the first to raise this argument in Law and Order’s Special Victim’s Unit’ fifth episode of season 11 in 2009 in an episode called Hardwired.  The child molester is part of a club of child molesters and at the end of the show he equates Pedophilia with gay marriage and interracial marriage.

In the highlighted link to the clip, the Pedophile says: “One of these days people like you are going to have to accept people like me”  Gee that sounds familiar.

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