Andrew Breitbart would have been 45 today. Andrew is best remembered as an atypical overt born again conservative. He referred to himself as a Reagan Republican. He grew up in Brentwood, CA and use to be a typical Hollywood liberal.

Andrew would have his “aha” moment while watching the Clarence Thomas hearings and the Supreme court Justices’ phony charges of sexual harassment. He was influenced by Rush Limbaugh and by one “Matt Drudge”.

Andrew contacted Matt and told him how much he admired his work online and became as he called himself: “Matt’s bitch”. Later Matt would introduce Andrew to the then wealthy republican Arianna Huffington and helped her create the Huffington Post.

Andrew would then become a writer that was published in The Wall Street Journal, National Review Online and the Weekly Standard Online, among others. He wrote a weekly column for The Washington Times, which also appeared at Real Clear Politics.

Andrew is best remembered for being eloquent yet loquacious. The only criticism is that Andrew could not make his point in under 30 minutes. This is because Andrew became so passionate about life.

In one of Andrew’s last public appearances, he was giving a speech at CPAC in 2012. The highpoint of his speech was when he voiced that he had video evidence of Barak Obama and this time the candidate would be “fully vetted”.

Weeks later Andrew was found lying on a sidewalk in Brentwood. What some speculate is that the press release of Andrew’s death came hours before his body was cold. The news outlets were claiming Andrew died of “Natural causes”. What many pundits of this administration ask is: “Why did it take 6 weeks to release the cause of death in the recent overdose of Whitney Houston; while Andrew’s death was announced literally within minutes of being rushed to Ronald Reagan Medical Center”?

From that point, those opposed to this administration refer to a political death as being “Breitbarted”.

We miss you Andrew. Happy Birthday and Rest in Peace.

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