66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra)

Now let me be clear.  I am not suggesting that all liberals are Joseph Stalin, or Michael Moore.  Last Sunday I did and article on THE LEFT’S TREATMENT OF PRESIDENT BUSH.   I will say that the margin of extreme liberals are larger than the extreme conservatives.  Simply by nature, conservatives don’t want to be extreme about anything.  That’s why they’re called conservatives.  Liberal by definition means “More”.  As in MORE government.  But let me get to the root of liberal ideology.  Liberals are almost always waging an inner war within their souls.  The sad part is, they don’t realize it.  But because they can’t come to terms with their inner conflict, they are quick to engage in vile, vitriolic behavior.  (Not letting the facts interfere with their rant).  Winnie (Winston Churchill) whom I loathe quoting once said: “If you’re not a liberal in your 20s you don’t have a heart.  If you’re not a conservative in your 40s, you don’t have a brain”.

There in lays the root of why liberals hate conservatives.  Conservatives claim to hold themselves to a higher moral standard than the liberal.  This also explains why when a conservative backslides, the liberal media is quick to show hundreds of slow-motion replays like when a president gets shot on film.  I say I am not painting all leftists with the same brush, but you can certainly paint a majority of liberals with one wide brush.  Unfortunately you can paint the fringe lefties with a slightly narrower brush.  It’s a principle as well as a scripture from the Bible that “darkness” hates “The light”.  Conservatives have come to the conclusion that it’s easier to live in the light than to go through life hiding your indiscretions.  This is another reason liberals hate conservatives.  If you happen to be gay; chances are it’s your self imposed shame (and society to a certain degree) that makes you want to be a “liberal”.


The difference between a Hollywood millionaire and a self-made former blue collar Millionaire is that one feels guilty about his or her millions while the other feels thankful for his or her “success”.  Again, the inner self hatred needs to be dealt with.  (That’s if they have a conscience).  If not, they just pretend to be social liberals yet like Michael Moore, will talk crap about Halliburton yet invest in it.  But most actors want to come across like they care for the little guy.  It let’s them sleep at night.  But if you’re an “Occupy Wall Streeter”, don’t you dare pitch your tent on Barbara Streisand’s front lawn. (Out side the gate of course).  They will have you removed like an old piece of furniture. The smart Hollywood star will respond: “I’m really not into politics”.


There was a time when the Democrats championed civil rights.  This was after decades of being pro-slavery. Remember, it was a republican that did away with slavery.  Talk about hypocrisy; while President Johnson was getting us deeper and deeper into the Vietnam War (M.I.C connections) Martin Luther King Jr. was endorsing the anti-war movement.  Dr. King said he didn’t want to get involved in war politics, but was forced to take a position.  He tried to side step the issue by saying the money that was being wasted (Not to mentioned the young Americans)on this “conflict” could be used for social programs.  But that’s one of the left’s dirty little secrets.

Still, there were those who meant well.  I was a big supporter of Bobby Kennedy.  Bobby saw the injustice of racial discrimination and was not afraid to address it.  Yet I believe that today, both Bobby and Jack would have been considered “moderate republicans” (Romney comes to mind)  Those who actually picked up their cross and marched in Selma with Dr. King risked their lives for the cause.  In 1967, the war for civil rights was won.  Many of the liberals who championed the cause were now “Out of work”.  What followed was the worst kind of politics perpetrated on America.  The race baiters like the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharpton (who never marched with Dr. King).  The ACLU which was once a righteous organization lost its’ purpose.  Without the us against them paradigm, the Left has to create the  adversity it once fought against.  Income inequality is being served up by this president as a travesty.  Yet he never mentions it when he campaigns in Hollywood.  (But I digress) We are seeing the Pat Caddells and the Doug Schoens standing up against the new “Progressives”.  These are people who believed in the message of human fairness.  If you want financial equality, go to Russia or China.  The old Democrats are starting to see what is going on in the 21st century DNC.  Even Juan Williams appears more like a WWE wrestler when it comes to playing the “Democrat” on Fox News.


I think the average registered Democrat today falls into the group of kids that never did fit in.  Again, they haven’t quite gotten to the point where they want to be over achievers rather than under achievers.  I didn’t become a Conservative until I left the military and had to pay my own bills with no help from anyone.  So lower taxes meant more of my money in my modest paycheck that I got to keep.  I saw first hand how “Reaganomics” got us out of a huge recession with double digit inflation in the 70s.  I saw it work and from what I saw; minorities no longer had to sit in the back of the bus.  But the DNC in the 60s stood for equal “Human Rights”.  Today it stands for European socialism which is impossible because you run out of “other peoples’ money.  So it must convert on the national scale to communism.  (At least that’s what Karl Marx said)

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