BEATLES 101 for Greg


Greg Gutfeld who is usually the resident “Cool dude” on all things music choked on the topic of the Beatles.  He did give the band props for knowing when to call it quits and even Bob Beckel understood how the Beatles reinvented themselves over the years to stay “Fresh”.

But Greg, you need to know a few things about the Fab Four in the early years. (No I’m not going to talk about Johnny and the Moon Dogs or the Quarry men)  But Elvis was the King of Rock and Roll between 56 and 59.  He NEVER went to Europe.  Colonel Tom Parker, his manager, was afraid to fly.  On the other hand; Buddy Holly and the Crickets (Which is where the “BEATLES” came from) did tour England.  John was so infatuated with Buddy,

  • A. because of his music and production skills, and
  • B. Because John said Buddy made it cool to wear glasses on stage.

The first demo the Beatles ever recorded was “That’ll be the Day”.  Buddy had so much influence on the English music.  In fact, Buddy influenced the Brits so much that Brit Rock star “Tony Sheridan” was the first British musician to own a Fender Stratocaster, because of Buddy Holly.

The Beatles were in love with Holly’s music, but when they came to America they met a black Rock musician that influenced their music even more.  Little Richard Pennimen was the influence behind the Woooooo when the Beatles would shake their hair..

So when “Please Please me” came out, it was a hybrid of Buddy Holly and Little Richard.  This sold well to millions of young white kids. (See my article Beatlemania and the Stupid 8 year old). 

Paul felt the band was getting to old to sing: “I saw her standing there” and was responsible for the re-invention of the band in 67.  It was easy to see that Paul had the commercial sound while John truly wrote songs of substance; Poetry from the heart.  The song “Tell me Why” was a song that John said he wrote for children from broken homes. Paul was the teen Idol of the band and his original works show it.  In Lennon’s “How do you sleep”, John writes, “The only song you ever wrote was Yesterday”.  And even when he wrote that song, Paul was obsessed with writing a song like Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge over troubled water”.

Paul, after John’s death, would confess that great lyrics just rolled off of John’s tongue, where Paul had to struggle.  Ironically, because Paul was such a “Paul Anka-ish” bubble gum sell out; he had greater post Beatle success than his counter part.  But one can argue that Paul’s success was quantitative while John’s “Imagine” and “Woman” were far superior to anything Paul ever wrote and had greater “qualitative success.


One thought on “BEATLES 101 FOR GREG

  1. Earlier I had posted that “When the Beatles released “Love me do”….. My Friday night Musician brain meant to write the album “Please Please Me”.

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