Democrats/Obama will try anything


IS THIS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? PROBABLY.  French sources are saying that the Washington Post is going to go public with a story that Obama had an affair with Beyoncé.  I must throw the B.S. flag on the French.   I thought Obama was gay anyway

Michelle PO.

The story however, does represent a desperate attempt to “bait” stupid Republicans into making a political issue out of it ala Monica Lewinski.  Would an affair hurt the Obama administration? No, not at all.  In fact it would be the equivalent of Clinton bombing Bosnia to get the media off of the Lewinski story.

It’s Ironic how Obama is so corrupt, he’s using the Lewinski strategy to distract from the seriousness of far greater atrocities executed by this despot.  No, Beyoncé is no distraction from the death of Brian Terry as a result of gun running in the Fast and Furious program.

She’s no distraction from the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stephens and his three protectors.

She’s no distraction from Lois Learner who took the 5th on the floor of Congress when there was not a “smidgeon of Corruption in the IRS.

She can’t replace Edward Snowden when it comes to the hundreds of Millions around the world who had their privacy invaded by the NSA.

And lastly, she’s no distraction from the Gray Elephant in the living room called “Obamacare”.

But again I ask: “Isn’t Barry Obama gay”?


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