Bald Eagle coming in for a landing

The single most important thing you can do right now to make yourself a better person is to practice Agape Love.  Not only will it make you a better person, but it will release your mind from the chains of emotional bondage.

So He or She left you.  You prbably feel like bird droppings.  If you go out into the world and smile at an old person, or offer to help them get a loaf of bread off of a shelf they can’t reach, you will raise your spiritual vibrations. Love is the spiritual vibration that is at the top of the human ladder.  And here’s a secret.  When you start loving people, I mean really feeling for people, wonderful things will happen to you.  When you say things to other people that make them feel good, it comes back to you.  I’m not talking about Karma either.

Karma involves a score card,  Agape love is a practice that makes you a higher level human being.  And the best time to show love is when you need it yourself.  The best way to rid your self of that feeling of hunger is to give your lunch to someone that hasn’t eaten in a day.

When you can look at your fear, or pain or embarassment and realize that you can RISE ABOVE IT, Your God or higher being or source energy will lift you up to soar with wings of Eagles.

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