It’s my semi-humble opinion that Obama is the most transparent corrupt public official the United States has ever seen.  The question is, will his corruption be enough to overcome the throng of welfare queens and Food stamp surfers that he’s created.  Has it become a culture yet?

History in my life time has been predictable, but not as predictable as I had expected.  Unless the level of corruption is overcome the Republican Party, barring any scandals, should prevail.

In 1973, Richard Nixon made the mistake of trying to cover up his knowledge of the Watergate break in.  He had no direct involvement in the break in, but he knew and actively participated in the cover up.  After the Watergate hearings where Erlichman, Haldeman and Dean testified against the president, it fired up the Left and even though Richard Nixon did what the Left wanted and brought an end to our involvement in Vietnam; the majority of the public still wanted Nixon’s head on a platter and blamed Republicans.  In 1976, a “Sock Monkey” with a Jack Ass Lapel pin could have won the 1976 election.  Nixon had tarnished the Republican Brand.

The majority of the country raced to whom ever the Democrats nominated.  A “Sock Monkey with a Jack Ass Lapel did win.  Jimmy Carter took our economy and tossed it like a Frisbee into the Grand Canyon.  By 1979, Iran had taken 52 Americans hostage in Tehran and Americans saw prices in stores double.  We had double digit inflation.  It was obvious that a “Sock Monkey” with an Elephant lapel pin could win.

The Majority of America went racing to what the Republicans had to offer. Fortunately, the Republicans had a serious candidate in Ronald Wilson Reagan who will go down as the greatest American President of the 20th century.  Reagan’s accomplishments are to numerous to go into at this time.  Reagan was far from a sock monkey.  He may have been a former “B” actor, but the public knew him and more importantly, trusted him.

In a fluke election in 1992, Bill Clinton became the recipient of Ross Perot’s hit job on the conservative vote.  In my opinion; Perot, another Texas businessman ran as a third party to prevent Bush 39’s re-election, which probably would have been a landslide win if you added Perot’s votes to Bush.  And Perot did steal the Republican vote.

After the Monica Lewinski scandal and Clinton’s impeachment in the house; Americans went “Jogging” to the Republican “Sock Monkey” in 2000, only this time it truly was a sock monkey with an Elephant lapel pin.  After the 9/11 attack on The Twin Towers, the President’s approval ratings were 92%.  Amongst the highest of any sitting president in history.  After the 2004 re-election, The country was tired of a Party that gotten us into 2 wars and Bushes’ approval numbers were falling like a meteor.  In 2006, we saw the same type of Congressional take over like we saw in 2010.  Lots of little sock monkeys with Jack Ass Lapel pins got elected to the Senate and the House.  One other thing, because of the Dodd/Frank bill, plenty of people who couldn’t afford homes were forced by “community organizers” to receive loans.  When the housing bubble popped the market crashed during the 2008 election making things look pretty sweet for Democrats. (And it was the Democrats under Clinton that passed this Marxist “affordable housing bill) But Bush 44 bragged about more people owning homes in 2008 than ever before.

Of course, because America felt “lied” to about weapons of Mass destruction and many people lost their homes, Any Sock Monkey with a Jack Ass Lapel pin (Or pant suit lapel pin) once again was going to beat John McCain. I might point out that I feel this was the first Presidential election that NATIONAL VOTER FRUAD WAS ALMOST UBIQUITOUS.

In 2012 I anticipated the same response as the 1979 election but again, we saw Voter Fraud on the national level.  We also saw the abuse of power with the NSA, the IRS, the ATF and we saw Obama and Clinton let 4 Americans die in Libya and lie about a YouTube Video.  If history repeats its’ self, there should be plenty of little elephant lapel pins in the Senate and house of Congress should there be a fair election in November and should this Despot not put America under Martial Law.

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