My first response to Eric Holder, Bob Beckel and Greg Gutfeld who believe that once you’ve paid your time for the crime you’ve committed, you should retain your privileges;  Let me just ask, if the slate is clean, should felons be able to legally own hand guns?


In 1996 I was set up by a wretched ex-spouse who pre-planned a divorce by starting her own private bank account and instead of paying my car payment, she was stashing the money until they repossessed my car.  She forged my name on our tax refund check, THEN went to a women’s abuse group and had them draft an affidavit full of lies for a kick out restraining order.  (supposed verbal abuse).  I could not go home and see my kids that night and couldn’t see them for a couple of weeks.

When the judge said I could go and get my belongings, the ex badgered me until I said “Why don’t you shut up”?  She quickly yelled I’m calling the police.

I had to either engage in a costly court battle or plead out and pay a small fine which at the time seemed the pragmatic solution.  Little did I know that EVEN THOUGH IT WAS A MISDAMEANOR LIKE J-WALKING, It was a family court offense.  I lost my 2nd Amendment right for 10 years.  JUST FOR SAYING “WHY DON’T YOU SHUT UP”.  If I had to forfeit a constitutional right for a non violent offense, why should FELONS get to vote?


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