Hearing from God


Sometimes you get to the point in life when you just cry out to God and expect to hear a response.  Why do modern day believers have to rely on their own intuition to decide if a thought is a “word from God”?
In Genesis, God spoke to almost everyone in an auditory voice.  Adam and Eve recieved instructions in the garden of Eden.  Noah was given instructions on how to build the ark.  Abraham was told his name was no longer Abrahm and that he would recieve a child that would be called Isaac.
In Exodus, Moses went up on Mt.Zion and heard the voice of God.  He instructed Moses to lead His people out of the bondage of Egypt and into the promise land.  This too was an auditory voice.
Jonah spoke directly to God and is listed as one of the few survivors to disagree with God and get away with it.   Although it took being swallowed by a fish ala pinnochio for 3 days.

Joseph got his words from God thru dreams.  Not only was he blessed with a dream of greatness, but he was given the gift of interpreting dreams.

Joshua and Caleb had a direct line to God via audio contact.  In fact, Joshua was punished for not checking with God before attacking AI the first time and 36 warriors were lost.  In those days, you had to listen for the words of God.
Then the prophets became the beacons for God’s word.  Nathan spoke for God in King David’s reign.
The prophets Elijah and Elisha both had verbal interchange with God. Elijah known mostly for his showdown on Mt.Carmel.
Then in the new testament; we find God himself walking the earth in the form of Christ Jesus.  God made himself available to his apostles, the Pharisees, the Sadusees and even the gentiles.  After his death burial and resurrection, he made himself available through visions to Saul, later to become Paul the apostle while on the road to Demascus.
We have various examples of God using “Angels” to speak to Simon also known as Cephus which means Peter.

And finally we have God giving a revalation to John on the Island of Patmos.

But what about today????? Does God speak verbally anymore to anyone?
Here’s my experience.  Take it for what it’s worth.
1. At the end of a 3 day fast; God spoke to me telepathically.  Part of the message was leading me to focus on James 4:6. The second part of the message was an Idea planted in my head as an extra “tag”.  It’s interesting because the first two days yielded nothing.  Then on the third day; it seemed like the weaker I felt, the more in God’s hands I was delivered.  10 years ago, I had 2 telepathic messages while sitting in church.  I was in tremendous emotional pain then and God spoke to my soul saying, “Stay within yourself”.  (which I translated “now is not the time to be dating or trying new things”, and ” I will be with you through the pain”.  Those 2 messages got me through some very hard times.  I also remember the first time I got a really big income tax refund.  I asked myself the question, can I really afford to give 10 percent of this back to God?  A telepathic voice said to my soul; “Can you afford NOT to give it back”?  My best advice on that subject is “Never short change the Lord”.  Also, at times when you get the “feeling” to call someone, that’s often God using you to help that person.  So don’t fight your own intuition.  Most of the time, it’s not yours.

2. The word of God in the Bible.  Many times I have prayed ferociously about an issue.  After doing so, I would casually go to my computer and click on a podcast sermon from someone like Paul Shepheard or John McArthur, only to here the exact information from the versus that I needed to know.  Out of my computer speakers would come soothing versus that would quinch my needs or sooth my pain.  Mostly in the form of an explanation to a question WHY?  Yet when you here a repetitive theme coming at you, you might want to consider God wants you to think about how that theme is affecting your behavior; lifestyle or walk.

3. Actions. The most common communication from God usually comes in an action.  Let’s say you really are struggling to survive financially, then you recieve an unexpected windfall in the mail.  Things like that are common in God’s world.

Those are my experiences.  I’ve never had a lucid dream instructing me to do something.  Or if I have, I’m to stupid to understand what it was.  I’ve on occasion spoken to Mediums or prophets, but if God wants you to wait, you’re not going to get a quick answer from Char.  I’ve not challenged God with a fleece yet and don’t think that I’m very fond of the Idea.  If you’ve gotten results, please email me and share with the class.

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