A Smile to last a lifetime

 KimBasinger4Kim Basinger  

 One day I was crossing Admiralty way in Marina Del Rey and I caught Kim Basinger looking at me. She smiled, I raised my sunglasses and looked around me to see if it was me she was smiling at. It was. I looked back and she was already up the stairs to the Hotel. (She went into the Double Tree Hotel) But that moment will always be with me as long as I have this set of memories. I can’t remember half the people I’ve slept with, but I’ll always remember that smile. And that is all it was meant to be…….. 
“A smile and a dream beats Sex and a Divorce every time” ~ Ace Andres
I’ve come to the absolute conclusion that the love that comes from a smile of admiration far outweighs the sex,intimacy and eventual divorce that comes with taking the smile seriously. As insecure humans, we often take a simple smile or flirt as a repositioning of our self esteem. For some reason, men feel that if we marry this person, they will continue to have the same effect on our hunger for attention. The truth is, sometimes a smile is just a smile. A smile however; taken in it’s proper context is far more valuable than a smile that was pursued only to find out years later that all it was meant to be was a smile.
Just a word of advice:  “Enjoy the smile for what it is”.
Kim 2

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