A Tale of 2 Lincolns


Abraham Lincoln is the face on a 5 dollar bill.


When I’m in a “giving mood” I have no problems sharing a 5 with someone in need.  There in lays the problem. I’ve softened over the years.  Before the current disaster of an administration; I use to be harsh on “beggars”.  But before Obama, it was not hard to get a job

My story begins as I am entering the Carmel Crossroads Safeway grocery store.  I see an old grizzly guy in very faded woodland camouflage  He had a ZZ Top beard and looked thin.  He looked DOWN and I felt for the guy because I felt he was probably a fellow veteran.  So I told him on the way in: “Stick around brother and I’ll have something for you on the way out”.

3 days later I was walking Sasha and Wolfgang.  We came up on the cutest little 5 or 6 year old girl and her home made lemonade stand.  I was going to give her something just for showing a fine work ethic.  So I pull out a Five. (It’s all I have).  I gave it to her and she poured me a glass of minute maid lemonade. “It was the BEST lemonade I have ever consumed anywhere”.  As I was walking away with the 2 dogs I could hear in the background: ” HEY MOMMY LOOK”!  I felt really good to have made her day because she was looking really DOWN.

That same day I had to go to Safeway to pick up something I needed for dinner that night.  I saw the same guy in camos. He looks at me and says: “Can ya help a veteran”?  I said: “Bro, I gave you a five two days ago”.  His answer was: “You did”?

Now I’m not the first to say that I’m the most recognizable person on the Monterey peninsula after Clint Eastwood.  But like Einstein; I wear the same pants and shirt every day. I have several black mock turtle necks and 4 pair of modern camo pants.  I also have hair like Paul Stanley of Kiss.

So this guy had no clue that I had helped him out nor did he seem to care.  I meant nothing more than another sucker giving him money.

On the bright side, a few weeks later Sasha, Wolfgang and myself were walking and a cute little girl road by on her Bicycle and smiled at me and said: “HI”!  It took me a while to figure out that She was the little girl at the Lemon aid stand.  So you tell me who appreciated the five dollars?  Who did the money have the bigger effect on?

 The Lemon-aid was worth every penny


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