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It’s one of the greatest mysteries to mankind.  It’s right there with “How did we get here” and “What are we here for”?  Ask any E.R. doctor that’s revived a patient from death what He or She thinks about the concept of an after life.  Most will be quick to say, they believe that the brain continues to function in a realm that we cannot identify on this level of consciousness.  They’ve probably heard too many identical stories about the bright light.

The Reality TV Show “I Survived” had a spin off show called “I Survived….Beyond and Back. (ISB&B)  The stories were based on testifmonies then recreations of Near Death Experiences. (NDEs) If you want to read hundreds of these testimonies; There’s a website called The Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) The Url is http://www.NDERF.ORG.  Be sure to click on the drop down menu and

click on the button that says “Exceptional NDEs”

I survived bnb

In the 2nd Season of ISB&B, an Emergency Room doctor has a heart attack and is brain dead for almost 15 minutes.  In the medical world, if your brain goes without oxygen for 3 minutes, you are considered brain damaged.  If you do recover, your chances of walking, talking and thinking without impairment is very rare.  Your chances of winning the lottery is better.  But since the on-call E.R. doctor was a

friend of the patient, he would not give up.  My guess, (something the TV producers didn’t show) is that the E.R. doctor gave his friend every benefit of the doubt and pulled out all of the stops. (Cardio-epinephrin, Defibrillation, and 15 minutes of CPR) As you might have guessed, his friend came back with no brain damage at all.  This was incredible.  The first question his friend asked the patient once he was back was: “Did you see the White Light”?  The doctor/patient’s response was: “No but I entered the tunnel“.

If you read a hundred or so NDERF studies or watch the full series of ISB&B, there are several common stories the NDErs recall.

1. An out of body experience

2. Being drawn towards a Bright yet warm and loving white light.

3. Being greeted by relatives who have died.

4. A life review.  Some call it judgement

5. Some say they saw an entitiy they thought was Jesus.

6. Many heard a relative say: “It’s not your time” or were given a choice to return.

7. During the life review, the NDEr saw how every action had a reaction in the form of an unintended consequence.

8. When the soul returns to the body, almost all say they flew with a “swooshing” sound like that of a vacuum and were instantly back in their body.

9. Almost all of them said they no longer fear death because they know that the “soul” keeps on……

For the majority of the Series; the stories are the same.  Surgery goes bad, or an accident happens or the person is having a heart attack. Then they may have an out of body experience and see the surgical or first responders working on a body (not knowing it’s their body)  Then the deceased relatives greet them.  Then the Bright light.  Then they relive every moment of their life in a fast forward motion, yet every moment is lucid and it’s like they are “reliving” it. Then someone says: “It’s not your time”. Then the swooshing sound, then they’re back in their body.


In the final episode of one season; A person identified as Matthew is shot in the head by a drive by shooter in Atlanta. In a split second he is dead and in a place he refers to as Hell. No bright light, no relatives, no warm puppies or tunnel. He’s shackled over an “abyss” and naked. He hears the moans and cries of others (gnashing of teeth) and feels nothing but FEAR and is surrounded by darkness.

You can go to the BIO site to watch this episode, but his message was, HELL DOES EXIST. It’s real and you’re soul (or quantum spiritual existence)is going to go to one of two places.

I’ve always preached (really) that you shouldn’t fear Hell or judgment day. FEAR TODAY. If you find yourself in HELL it’s because you didn’t take today seriously.

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