Pathetic Liberals

Dem litter

National Mall after Obama inauguration

Clean up cost to the Taxpayers: $25,000

The Democrats have been a ruse even before I can remember, they’re also self centered thoughtless pigs.  Where was the compassion and concern for minorities when the Dems were Pro-slavery?  Oh that’s right, things were different back then.  OK, have things changed?  Minorities are still seen as useful idiots by the Democrats.  Why do you think Dems are so hell bent on amnesty for illegal aliens (Those who “broke our law” when they came here) Why do you think Dick Schumer wants voting rights for ex-felons.  If he’s so righteous about forgiveness, why doesn’t he talk about giving felons their 2nd amendment right?  Why did Nancy Pelosi say “God bless Occupy Wall Street”?  Again, useful idiots glorified by the media (more useful idiots) who defecated on Police cars and ruined downtown New York.

The Democrats are like irresponsible students that try to manipulate the substitute teacher by making them think that their regular teacher tolerates unacceptable behavior.  (All the time hoping their real teacher never comes back)

What is the etymology or ideology behind the Left?  It has nothing to do with championing human rights.  If it did, we never would have fought a civil war.  What creates the liberal leftist is “inner insecurity”.  Unfortunately this leads to the national “Power Grab”.  Why do you think communists eliminate human rights or kill those who disagree?  Communism, the ultimate dream of “Liberalism” is about maximum income equality.

Seriously, what good is treating everyone with equality if your equality is shit?

Why do liberals hate capitalism?  Because capitalism flourishes on self-reliance.  Our founding fathers knew this, which is why they gave us a democratic “Republic” and “The right to bear arms”.

If you look at the left, they’re the most insecure candy asses on the planet.  Put Wendy Davis and Sarah Palin in the wilderness with minimal survival tools and see who lives longer. It’s in the conservative’s nature to take personal responsibility and realize that it’s up to them, not the government, to keep them alive.  Most liberals would be happy with a warm bottle of milk and someone to change their stinky diapers.

Many Liberals are liberals because they just can’t deal with their insecurities.  One might ask: “What about Hollywood actors?  Aren’t they secure”? Not only NO but Hell no.  Entertainers are the most insecure people on the planet.  It doesn’t matter how much money they have.  It’s not about “White guilt”.  It’s about insecurity.  Again, put George Clooney and some old guy like Ted Nugent in the wilderness and see who lasts longer?

Liberals basically have no confidence in themselves.  They get their identity from others.  This is why even some of the greatest actors are helpless as human survivors.  You’ll find some of the most pernicious liberals are the fat, undisciplined, and aesthetically repugnant liberals like Michael Moore.  Many liberals have chips on their shoulders from their formative years, which were the seeds that grew into the liberal mind.  They have a: “Write this down – NEVER ENDING NEED TO BE ACCEPTED BY OTHERS”.  Let me give you an example.  I was friends with a fat kid growing up.  This kid was not only fat, but the only minority of his race in a rural town.  We know how cruel kids can be and I KNOW this had to form the desire to be “accepted by others”.  I’ll give you a great example of what I’m talking about.  We were both in our 40s when I released my first album.  One would think that by the time you are 40, you would lose your idiotic rebellious teen attitude.  I mentioned in one interview how one of my fictional heroes was “Joey Evans”.  My friend asked me who Joey Evans was.  I said: “Oh that’s the character in the movie Pal Joey”.   He said, What movie was that?  (And I thought liberals were suppose to be of culture and well read”.  I responded: “It’s the night club entertainer that was played by Frank Sinatra”.  His response was: “Yuk, oh god”.  You see it wasn’t cool to admit you liked or even appreciated the music your parents enjoyed.  He might have gotten kicked out of the cool kids club.  I’m positive, without reservation that he would argue about the fine art of Miley Cyrus’ Twerking.

I can summarize the Liberal in this two sentence exchange I had with my now estranged sister.

Sister: “Well I’m a Democrat because they’re for the little guy”. (I’m thinking: “Yes if you enjoy mediocrity”).

Me: “Why would you want to live your life as a little guy”?

That’s just it.  Liberals aren’t providers, they’re takers.  They don’t want to be productive members of society unless they can get validation from others.  Over time, the inner insecurity becomes hateful envy.  They basically hate that they were not born rich; instead of having the drive to become rich.  I use to be a Democrat,  as was Ronald Reagan and Charles Krauthammer.  But we also use to crap in our diapers and whine about wanting someone to feed us.  Then we grew up and saw the ignorance of our way.  Growing up; It’s a concept that liberals refuse and see as selling out.  I was a Democrat because I lived next door to a congressman that was a Democrat and let me work in his re-election campaign office. Then of course as a teen, I became a team leader for a nut job named George McGovern.  When I got out of the military and started paying taxes; I grew up and became a Reagan Republican.


National Mall After Tea Party Protest.  Clean up cost

to Tax Payers? $0.00

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