I thought I was seeing things last night.  But it appears the cat is out of the bag.  NASA is no longer hiding the X-43A hypersonic aircraft.

I saw it last night.

I was in north western Nevada and I saw an unusual contrail coming over the Sierra Nevada Mountain range south of Lake Tahoe.  I saw what appeared to be a bat out of hell fly behind a cloud.  I was driving to a meeting so I couldn’t pull over and watch, but I blinked and looked back up and it had left the cloud a 100 miles behind it.  Fortunately I hit a red light. So I stuck my head out of my vehicle and watched this aircraft ascend to the Ionosphere, then disappear somewhere over eastern Idaho.

Not really something spectacular.  Until I tell you: “It only took about 30 seconds.  It was incredible.  I thought about it all night then I found my answer at the Official NASA Website.

NNASA SAYS: THE X-43A Broke Mach 9.6 (7000mph) Good Mama!!!!!


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