National Geographic ran a series for 3 seasons called “Doomsday Preppers”.  The intent was to make survivalists look like paranoid idiots.  After 5 years of Obama, should something happen which is NOT out of the question; it would appear we will be ruled by Paranoid Idiots.


The show originally featured 3 scenarios and 3 different “Preppers” (name given to those “preparing” for a crisis) then, in game show fashion, the preppers would be given a score based on their plan and resources by a group of experts known only as “practical preppers”.  Following each scenario, they would give the odds of such a crisis happening.  Of course the show would say: “Our EXPERTS SAY” Then they would basically call the preppers crazy for preparing for things like: “The collapse of our currency”, The explosion of an electro-magnetic-pulse or EMP over the U.S. which would render most of America “Powerless”.  Some were preparing for “Biological Warfare” or Pandemics.  Some feared this administration would impose martial law.  (Oh no, that would never happen). What’s the emoticon for a smirk? I found the natural disasters interesting.  If you look at a map of the U.S. you have 5 to 6 major acts of nature you should be concerned about.

  1. Tsunamis – There’s not much you can do if you have that beautiful beach front property.  We’ve seen seismic activity in the Pacific Ocean over the last 10 years.  The Atlantic coastline is not immune either.  There is a part of Portugal that could fall into the Atlantic causing a huge Tsunami to hit the East Coast.
  2. Volcanic activity- The Yellowstone Caldera seemed to be of grave concern. It’s not your ordinary      Volcano, rather a Caldera or “Bowl”(a Super Volcano) that could erupt the size of 4-5 states in the mid north-west.       The concern is the ash cloud that would cause a nuclear winter type greenhouse effect.
  3. The devaluation of the dollar – This concern was the most popular.  Since Idiot Americans elected Barak      Hussein Obama; the deficit has gone from 9 Trillion to 17.3 trillion as of this article.  The ramifications of      an uncontrollable debt could lead to a myriad of causes for civil unrest.  Every month, the Federal Reserve pumps 75 Billion dollars of “Monopoly” (or FIAT) money into the banks to keep the stock market from crashing.  If this happens and our paper money is worthless, who is going to pay the police and the fire department.  The Iphone culture will become the old west overnight.
  4. The Major fault lines – The San Andreas fault is part of the Pacific ring of Fire.  You’ve heard the jokes about California falling into the ocean? That would be plausible if we had a “Super-quake”  Also mentioned is the      “New Madrid” fault which, once upon a time, made the Mississippi river      flow towards Canada.
  5. Biological Terrorism –This one is no joke as we’ve seen the Aviary flu and the Spanish flu reduce the world population by millions in the 20th century.  Many speculate that a dirty bomb or an aerosol bomb with Neuro-toxins or viruses could be released into our atmosphere by terrorists.
  6. Civil War – Many feel that Obama is setting up the country for an uncivil war.  He’s trying to rob the rich to feed the lazy.  This is American where Americans pride themselves on self-reliance.  The sales of guns are at an all-time high.  The country is at an all-time state of divisiveness.  You do the  math.


After 3 years, most of the preppers saw Obama and the debt as the root of anything really bad that would bring an “End to the world as we know it” scenario to fruition.  Not necessarily an end to the world or even mankind; but an end to smart phones, microwave ovens and even conventional transportation.


I have an outline that anyone should be able to address just for the sake of a local emergency.  These 5 primary areas of concern should be addressed by you personally and don’t expect the government to send you a helicopter being flown by fucking Santa Clause.

  1. Water – Invest in a Waterbob.  BOB stands for “Bug Out Bag”  it’s a term that was coined in the Korean war.  Bugging out means you relocate really fast.  A waterbob is basically a waterbed mattress for fresh drinking water.  It will hold up to 300 gallons of drinking water.
  2. Food & Medications – Many people are not aware that once the electricity is out, everything will stop.  Including diesel pumps.  No trucks? No deliveries.  That means no prescription refills.  As for food, you want a minimum of 3 days.  Most people will be eating their canned green beans for 2 days.  The shelves at Wal-Mart will be clean in 45 minutes.
  3. Fire Arms/sufficient Ammo – Should you have food; you will need to protect it.  As I said, if the police and fire department aren’t getting paid, there will be no rule of law.  You (I’m sorry to inform you) will need to provide for your own common defense.  Look at what happened in New Orleans after Katrina hit.  Don’t be without adequate protection.  I recommend the “circle of defense”.
  4. First Aid – I can actually perform small surgical procedures in my home if I have to.  I’ve gone so far as to buy suture, dressings and of course masks and sterile gloves.  Do not count on the Hospitals being open
  5. Communication – This is last on the list as you will want to know what is going on.  Those with Ham or CB radios will be able to communicate outside of the community.  You should at least have a set of small walkie-talkies.
  6. As a bonus, you might consider a generator and a dirt bike.  The generator can help you out with “Well water” (Not running the refrigerator) and a dirt bike will be one of the more reliable forms of transportation with cars littering the highway.

Take my advice with some consideration.  It’s for your own good.  You’re not a kook if you plan in advance.

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