Political Correctness



I’d like to see Chris Rock or Chris Tucker, even Eddie Murphy go 30 days without saying the word Nigger. The truth is, I don’t see anything wrong with the word used in the proper context. As in: “Now Leon’s acting like a nigger”.  Yes I know the history of the word better than most blacks. It’s origination in Denmark by slave-ship captains. Yet that was 300 years ago. Why do blacks perpetuate the use of the word if it’s so hateful and harmful?  Some would call it a chip glued to the shoulder (Ever so conveniently).

It amazes me how television will bleep out the word nigger, yet eagerly telecast GD this and JC that or the ever so ubiquitous OMG.  30 years ago, Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor did a hilarious SNL skit (back when the show was funny)that ended with the word nigger/dead honkey.

The other night on The Biography Channel, I was watching Eddie Murphy talk about how he knew that skit by heart and when he auditioned for SNL, he played the Pryor role and Joe Piscapo played Chevy’s role.  Bio showed the original skit and they Fucking bleeped the word nigger. WTF? They bleeped what they WROTE 30 years ago? And this Bio special on Eddie was on at 10:00PM on Cable. Once again I ask: “What The Fuck”?

I doubt the censors will ever bleep Whitey, Honky, Redneck, Creepy assed Cracker, White Trash, Bubba, Brady Bunch or any other reverse discriminating ethnic slur. There’s something about the word nigger that is perversely sacred.


Dr. Laura Schlesinger lost her A.M. talk show for trying to explain the use of the word nigger in Rap music.  She said something like: “Have you ever heard rap music?  Besides women being called bitches and Hoes; they use the word nigger like the word AND”.  Then she went on to say: “All you hear is “Nigger, nigger, nigger”.

Unfortunately, assholes like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were listening to the replay saying: “Jesse!  Come here nigger.  Oh we gonna git dat bitch”.

Paula Deen rings closing bell at the NASDAQ in New York

It gets even worse, Paula Deen who is as old as Alabama, had someone say that Paula “USE” to use the word nigger, (get this) YEARS AGO.  So the pussies at the Food Network dropped her because of an accusation of something she said 30 years ago?  She immediately apologized. (For what?  That makes me sick).  30 years ago Chevy Chase was reading a script written by NBC saying: “NIGGER” as Richard Pryor responded: “Dead Honkey”.  The skit got great laughs and Chevy Chase nor the writers got fired.  We might not have ever heard of a kid named Eddie Murphy if not for the skit.

Hey Food Net Execs, years ago, all of you use to defecate in your diapers.  Then walked around and cried about it.  I guess not much has changed.  You make me sick.

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