Ah Fuck You

Ok, this is going to be a rant. But it’s a rant that is long in the making. What the Hell happened to respect, politeness and manners in this country? I was in Long’s drugs store yesterday, and I overheard a 12 or 13 year old saying to an adult ” I dare you to say that to my face.” And he was saying it to his grandmother. I felt like saying to her, “pardon me mam, do you mind if I kick the shit out of your grandson?”

What has happened to America? Did the sixties not only kill off innocence but respect as well?

I had just moved back to the bay area after spending 16 months in Washington State. I don’t know if this is a mid-western informality, but don’t you people in the mid-west cover your mouth when you cough? And can’t you wait to swallow your food before you try to talk? And was it just my parents? Or did your parents teach you never to put your elbows on the dinner table?

I remember shop class back in middle school, my teacher Mr. Capps saying to several people, “son take your hat off in the house” (he meant classroom) It seems every bald male today, thinks a baseball cap can be worn as a hairpiece. Didn’t your mom teach you not to wear your hat in the house? Was I raised in a different country?

Should I be elected to public office; I’ll pass a bill making it legal to strangle to death people that talk on their cell phones in restaurants or movie theatres. Especially the ones that think they have to shout into their phones. I think anyone that gets into an accident while talking on a cell phone should have the same treatment as someone that gets into an accident while DUI.

This one really kills me; People,…………….. let others OFF the elevator before you selfishly elbow your way onto the elevator. Men; hold doors for ladies. Ladies, make your date open the car door for you. Children; say yes sir and yes mam to your elders. NOT JUST YOUR PARENTS.

Parents;  Don’t let your 12 year old girls leave the house looking like a prostitute. Teach your kids to say, “pardon me”, “excuse me”, “Thank you” and “Your Welcome”.

And for those of you that don’t know; When someone asks you “How are you?” or “How do you do?” the correct response is “Fine” or “I am well” You’re not “GOOD” . Good is an adverb. A word used to describe a verb or action word. “He ran good.” “She spells good” GOOD is NOT A STATE OF BEING.

And the number following 99 is pronounced ” hun- dread” NOT “HUH-NERD” or “HUN-DERD” .

And thank you President Carter for inventing the word “New-cue-ler” Bomb. I don’t know what a new-cue- ler bomb is. Is it like a New-clee- er bomb?

And when the Giants are victorious over the A’s, they didn’t “win” the As; they “beat” the A’s.

That’s enough for today class.

Please try being courteous and thoughtful of other people, it will make this world a much better place.

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