Keeping an Open Mind


I believe in keeping an open mind, yet not so open that I trip over my brain.  I’ve been studying PD (Personal Development) since 1994 When Robert Wright came out with the book called “Man – The Moral Animal”.  Of course this coincided with The 7 habits of highly effective people.  I turned to PD out of necessity.

I’m not sure if keeping an open mind is the same as Thomas Jefferson’s quote: “Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, He must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear”.  The term “Open” minded gives one the impression that you are leaving the door to your mental model open to invite everything into your mind.  To me that’s Psychic Russian Roulette. Science, Wisdom and Experience determine how wide we keep the door to our mind open.

I believe in listening to every one empathically to see what resonates with me and what is bull shit masquerading as wisdom. (Note* Keyword is empathic) A non-moderated open mind can lead to self-destruction.  Just ask Steve Pavlina how Polyamory worked out for him.

I once read in a business marketing book: “Complacency is death”.  We do not live in a static world so if you’re not reaching for the next wrung on the ladder, you’re slipping down the ladder.  The same attitude exists in all 4 aspects of your life.  (Wisdom, Health, Spiritual Growth and creating a legacy) If you neglect one, it effects the others.

Keeping an open mind is a must.  Keeping your principles in alignment is even more important.  There are laws that exist that you can not overcome even with an open mind.  Gravity can work for you and make your life easier, or it can kill you.  Jumping out of a plane can be a rush, or suicide.

My open mind has a lobby and a bouncer.  It takes a deep examination for a principle to make it into the “back office”.  But it works both ways, if new data convinces me that my back office has flawed principles or concepts, it gets escorted out of the Back office and is replaced by the “upgrade” or, the proper version for my model. (Metric vs. Standard)? One may fit both bolts; but strip the threads while going un-noticed. One of the best signs of complacency are your emotional indicators.  You’re either ascending or descending.  You’re either feeling good, or feeling as something is wrong.  But remember, emotions are only indicators.

Never act on emotions, but the logic that comes from examining the emotion.  Did you discover a new insecurity, or are you working with flawed principles?  Emotions are your mental motion detectors.  This doesn’t mean you start shooting at everything in your front yard.  But you need to face the cause of your emotional shift.  There is a reason for it and keeping an open mind means being able to understand you may be working with a flawed paradigm.  Ignoring your emotional shift means living in denial.  (Often allowing the bad guy entrance into your house, or even worse; your head)

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