“So Long Suckers”


The title of this article was not written by me.  I had received an email from Fox News with a link inviting me to watch former Press Secretary “Jay Carney” give his last speech from the Podium “Live”. This included the set up of the cameras and the press taking their seats.  As you can see in the photo above; the press is assembling prior to the speech.  There was a voice over the intercom that said: “2 Minute warning“. When this happened there seemed to be laughter in the room for some unexplainable reason, THEN I heard one reported shout: “So Long Suckers” as if he were mocking Jay Carney.

ADD Carney

I can’t say I’ll miss this worm.  He wasn’t nearly as fun to watch squirm as his predecessor Robert Gibbs.

Robert Gibbs

There were times when you could read Gibbs’ mind: “I can’t keep lying for this despot”  I believe when Obama decided to give up the Taliban Dream Team, even the weasel Jay Carney couldn’t handle a (finally) hostile press crew.  There were times when Carney had put his head down and rubbed his hand against his forehead in the same, “I can’t keep lying for this creep” motion reminiscent of Robert Gibbs.

It’s easy for a scumbag like Susan Rice to go out on the Sunday Talk shows and deceive America with impunity.  She has the Genetic Make up that lets her believe her own lies.  It’s harder for guys like Carney and Gibbs to go out time after time and cover Obama’s “Scandals”.  When the press secretary starts to say: “I’ll have to refer you to the IRS for that answer” You know he doesn’t want, or doesn’t have an answer for that question.  Watching someone try to lie the administration’s way out of a smoking gun situation just isn’t worth the humility and what shred of dignity they might have had.  I believe this is why people start re-signing.

I believe this is the president’s new press secretary.




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