Nazi Evil

What they didn’t teach you in school. 

Many liberal history professors who like to talk about America getting the Bomb before Germany enjoy spewing the rhetoric: “Had we not beat Germany to the punch; we would all be speaking German”.  I’m here to say that Hitler did us a favor and we would all be Communist and speaking Russian.

Cpl Hitler

I’m here to say that Hitler was not crazy, but rather angry.  Reports of Hitler being asexual or having Syphilis is just that, speculation.   I’m also here to say that He became drunk with power.  Hitler’s hatred for the Jews stemmed from his hatred for communism. (Perhaps a reason most liberal professors paint Hitler as the Iconic face of evil in the 20th century.  Once Hitler realized that he was beaten at Leningrad; it was, in essence, the beginning of the end.  His paranoia increased, his desire to micromanage lead to his generals talking seriously about assassination.  After the Red Army surrounded the Wehrmacht Hitler started manifesting his inner anger.


By attacking Russia, Hitler gave us time to get to the Peenemünde labs and champion the Nazi Scientists involved in operation paperclip before Colonel Hans Kammler could kill them all.  Had that information fallen into Stalin’s hands, Stalin would have used it on the free democratic societies of the world without hesitation.  We got a taste of Stalin’s lawlessness and War crimes when 8 million Deutsche Frauen were brutally RAPED and or Killed in Berlin by the Red Army.


Our History books and the mid-stream media have painted Hitler as the definition of evil.  But if you study Hitler’s background, he was an undereducated yet zealous/patriotic soldier of WWI who felt back stabbed by the Communist party in Germany causing an end to the war in Europe in 1918. (While Germany was gaining the upper hand)  It just so happens that the Communist party in Germany was comprised of mainly Jewish workers.

HitlerSA                      HitSA


America, Canada, England and France won WWI without setting a foot on German land.  It’s my POV that without the cruel punishment in the way of reparations of the Treaty of Versailles, we might have avoided a WWII.

Hitler N

Yet in High School and College we’re taught two numbers.  If you remember 2 numbers about WWII it’s 2 and 6 million.  We dropped 2 nuclear bombs on Japan, and Hitler killed 6 million Jews.  The two numbers in the 20th century you probably haven’t heard of are the numbers 76 Million and 42 Million.

Be sure to catch Part II in the next issue at Ace’s Café Americain.



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