The Pathetic 71%


A recent report came out in the U.S. that claims that 71% of teens old enough to join the military would not qualify.  Which only makes one wonder what criteria was used for qualifying an individual for the Presidency of the United States.


Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego

When I was a teen, I joined the military because my family had fallen apart.  I was basically a 17 year old albatross around my father.  (Who had zero parenting skills) I use to have to enroll myself in school.  I use to have to cook my own meals. Plus, I grew up in the 60’s watching TV Shows that glorified War Heroes.  (This was before the Bill Ayers went around telling anti-war fools that it was cool to spit on America’s finest) When I was 6 years old, I can remember trying to stay awake to watch the greatest TV show of all time.  Combat.  In my neighborhood you fought over who got to be Sgt. Saunders or Lt. Hanley.  For some reason I never had a problem playing the nasty German. 🙂


Combat Flag_edited-2a            Suitable 4 Framing

Sadly, Patriotism has been simulated in Video Games. Combat the TV show

has now been replaced by:

GAME: six days in fallujah

The reason for disqualifications are far from surprising.  The major obstruction for America’s would be finest teens is…………. wait on it……………….Obesity.

fatdonaldsE                               KFC

Then next is substance abuse.

Pot head

After that there’s a plethora of conditions that create the undesirables.

A record of Felonies


Tattoos.  In the military, you can only have ink on (Less than) 25% of a body part and must not show with your uniform on.  This why you see old “Sea Dogs” in the Navy with their chest and shoulders only inked up.


Another reason, sadly, yet not surprising, was the result of the public school system.


Our country will be in a big hurt should we have an urgent and sudden “Call to arms”.  The fat Cheetos eating 19 year olds who live in their parents basement browsing porn and playing “Call to Arms” would not qualify to answer the call.


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