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The Verb to Love………….

“I love you.” “Let’s make Love.”” Mom sends her Love.”” He did it out of pure Love”.

One word that can change your life, the world and their futures. Love comes in various packages as you can see. People do things under the assumption of Love without even knowing what Love is. Does ANYONE know what Love is. Is Love different from True Love? Then what is False Love? Allow me to Pontificate:

LOVE has had 3 words used to communicate it.

1. Eros (coming from the greek term Erotika) This is a strong desire. Often confused with lust. Eros is used commonly with sex. The Bible uses the term covet. (Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife) Yet it’s been my experience that the true meaning of Eros comes when Sex is the physical manifestation of Spiritual Unity.

2. Philia (or a fondness) Philia is the rootword for the city Philadelphia. Or; the city of “Brotherly Love“. This is a deep concern for another’s welfare without the sexual investment. It does however; require a personal interest in that person. (ie, that person gives you something in return for your concern) It could be a family member, a next door neighbor or just a pen pal. The point being, you have developed an affection or concern for that person’s well being. It is almost a “quid pro quo” type of Love. Unfortunately, many marriages operate at this level. “I Love you” because you make me feel good about myself. The mutual concern for the other’s best interest is a form of security. However, when the other’s concern doesn’t match our expectations, then we lose our feeling of security and the “Love” grows less as we see Less in our “returns”. The whole concept of a relationship based on expectations is flawed. I think the term “Like” is more appropriate. As kids we “Like” things that are sweet or stimulating. When we grow older, we have a deeper concern for our weight and dental health. Our likes and dislikes are subject to change. Does Love change? Can you ever STOP loving something? I challenge that if you truly Love something or someone; the bond is permanant. If it appears to break, I would question the validity of the original feelings. This makes it very possible to Love someone and not Like them.

3. Agape (pronounced ~ AH- GAH- PAY) This is the Love that makes you devine. It defines God’s Love for Man (the sinner in particular) And Man’s Love for God. It also defines the altruistic Love man shows for his fellow man. Such was the nature of the “Good Samaritan” in Luke 10:25-37. Such is the motivation that encourages us to stop and help a stranded motorist.

The Key to Agape Love is that we do it with no expectation of anything (not even gratitude) in return. We do it because it gives our life meaning. We give Agape Love because it is the only true way we can immulate God. We do it because we want to hope that someone else will do it for us someday. We do it because it pleases God. We do it because it separates us from the Animal kingdom. We do it because it makes us “Good People” This should be the Love that guides our lives, our marriages or relationships and above all, our existence.

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