I was in the left lane.



Sometimes I write blogs to share the wisdom that I’ve gleaned over my 50 plus years. Things like Divorce, Love and God.  It’s all important info that needs to be passed on.


Sometimes I blog about things that are fun like the best cartoons of the 60s.


And sometimes I need to externalize angst. Perhaps others have had to deal with it and hopefully talking about it will have an abstract cathartic effect.


I’m a Vietnam Veteran. I’m no stranger to death.  My mom died when I was 11.  I think I’ve told the story of being a 7th grader in trouble and having the secretary tell me: “Wait till I tell your mom about the trouble you’re in”.  My most embarrassing response being: “My mom’s dead”.  It’s a tough statement for an 11 year old.


My father died when I was serving my country.


I’ve been shot at and seen people alive one minute and dead the next. That was in my youth.  When you’re older, you think more about death.  When you’re younger, you think you’re going to live forever.  To quote a former newscaster friend of mine from the Bay Area: “I’m grateful to have been born in this time period”.


I was driving home from the Bay Area back to Area 51 and I was in the 580 rush hour. I was going about 4 MPH as this biker on a Ducati went screaming by my car.  My immediate thought was: “That guy’s going kill himself”.  Roughly a minute later I saw his bike twisted like pretzel and his lifeless body lying next to it.


I said a hopeful prayer for the kid as I slowly drove by his blood soaked body. I felt not only for the kid and his family, but there were 2 cars behind him and I imagine 3 cars in front of him that probably ran over him.


Life is short. Give thanks to your God for each day and show appreciation for every breath you are blessed with.  I’m sure the childish insults of Donald Trump mean very little to those involved with this kid’s demise.  This biker no longer has an opinion on Hillary’s top secret e-mails.


Life is short. Do something with your life and show respect for the gift you’ve been blessed with.

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