Destiny vs. Free Will

Tales from the O.R. is more than intriguing stories about surgical cases. It represents what I’ve come to know as God’s will. I hated the operating room. I even had a surgeon tell me that he couldn’t believe how good I was in surgery; yet how apparent it was that I hated what I was doing. Reflecting back on my years in the Operating Room has given me much to think about. Yes I’m a guitar diety first, (according to the Wave Magazine)  but we all need to eat.
I knew a plastic surgeon who came from a long line of surgeons. His first love was sculpting. He couldn’t wait to get home to his studio and get his hands into his clay. It’s hard to be really good at something you have disdain for. But I always approached every case as if the paitent were a loved one. Jesus said treat your neighbor as you would yourself.
Although I’ve been called “The Greatest Guitarist in the World”, it never gave someone back their vision or allowed them to live without a cancerous tumor in their body.
It came at the sacrifice of fame and perhaps riches
King Solomon said all in life is vanity. (useless). I believe we’re all here for a reason. Perhaps King Solomon never helped someone walk again. He was speaking about his own personal pleasures. I feel that as much as I love playing music, I was tasked with helping people heal so they could help others. It came at the sacrifice of fame and perhaps riches. I never played music for fame or riches. I played because it made my parents happy. After they both died, I kept playing thinking it would make someone happy. But that was my plan not God’s. Who knows, maybe there’s a bigger stage in the next realm.  Maybe I’ll realize someday that Music is not that important.
 All my life I’ve wanted to be on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.  But it seems that my greatest virtues will only make the “Tales from the Operating Room”.

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