One Prolific High School


San Mateo


This is just a quick list of alumni that attended the “all male” Catholic school.

John V. Shields

Class of 1950 – After graduating with his MBA from Stanford he went from Macy’s to Mervyn’s and other department stores as a consultant.  He ran into a former Stanford Alumni named Joe Coulombe, who had opened a small chain of grocery stores called Trader Joe’s.  After a year, Coulombe retired and made Shields the CEO of the food chain.  During Shield’s tenure TJ’s grew from 27 stores to 174 stores and from $132 million to $2 billion in sales. He retired from TJ’s in 2001.

Michael Trucco

 Michael_Trucco88 Samuel_Anders

Michael Trucco is a native of San Mateo.  He was a member of the graduating class of 1988.  Michael went on to have a prolific acting career .  He is best known for his role as Samual T. Anders. (No relations) Michael has also been seen in many USA Network shows such as “Charmed” and was actually on 90210 at one time.

Lynn Swann


Lynn Swann, class of 1970, spent his entire career with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He was known for his very acrobatic receptions.   Lynn is arguably the 2nd best wide receiver ever.  (A good distance behind #80 Jerry Rice also a product of the San Francisco Bay Area).  After winning almost every NFL award to be won; Lynn Swann went on to be an announcer on ESPN.

Gregg Jefferies


Perhaps one of most unfortunate successful graduates from Serra in 1985; Gregg was drafted by the N.Y. Mets Organization.  Jefferies went on to win the minor league player of the year in his first year of the minors.  Gregg Jefferies was a lethal power hitting, high average hitting, high RBI hitting infielder that was very good with the glove.  The problem was, the Mets who had just won the World Series in 1986 had a stacked line up.  There was no room for the future All-star.  Gregg got his call to the majors in August of 1988.  In the 29 games he played; Jefferies hit .321 and put on a major league performance.  I might add at this time that a truly talented rookie will come up, veteran pitchers will challenge the unknown entity with their “HEAT” and most really good ballplayers can hit a fastball.  So it’s not uncommon to see a late season hitter come up and be successful “The first time around”.  In Gregg’s second year at the Major league level he struggled.  Again, this is not unusual because you’re facing some the best pitching in the world and now they have “scouting reports on you”.  In other words; The word has gotten out about your ability to hit a fastball.  So Jefferies in his 2nd season saw his batting average fall from .321 to an earthly .258.  Again, this is not unusual especially for a rookie in his first full season.  During the dog days of September,  Jefferies was involved with an altercation with former Mets pitcher Roger McDowell.  McDowell made a comment and Jefferies charged the mound.

In 1991 The Metz traded Jefferies to Kansas City who traded Gregg to St. Louis where Gregg blossomed.  He made the All-star team in 1993 and 1994 as a 1st baseman.  During both seasons he would hit .342 and .325.  I opened this critique on Gregg by saying he was unfortunately successful.  Sometimes talent alone isn’t enough.  In life, whatever you attempt to be successful at it takes three elements, Talent, Opportunity and luck.  You need all three.  For Gregg; he struggled for the real opportunity.  It wouldn’t come until he was traded for a second time to St. Louis where he excelled.


Jim-Fregosi 59 

A Member of the class of 1959, Jim was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels.  Jim was known as a power hitting Shortstop.  If you were a kid in the 60s and you lived in L.A. you wanted to grow up to be Jim Fregoshi.  Jim played for the Angels for 11 years.  He ended his career in 1978 with the Pirates.  Jim then went on to be a very sought after manager with the Angels, White Sox, Phillies and Blue Jays.



Michael (Class of 1968) was the original drummer for Carlos Santana in the Band “Santana”  He’s known for his performance at Woodstock.  Michael played drums as well as wrote and co-produced on Santana’s first 7 albums.  His last notable work was with Sammy Hagar.



What can you say about this guy?  He is a quarterback in the NFL.  Class of 1995, NFL quarterback for the New England Patriots (2000-), 3-time Super Bowl champion (2001, 2003, 2004), 2-time Super Bowl MVP (2001, 2003), 2-time NFL MVP (2007, 2010). 5 time AFC Champion (2001, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2011). He will be mentioned among the greats like Steve Young and Joe Montana.




promobolic_product Syringe


Class of 1982 and son of Major league great Bobby Bonds.  He was drafted by Pittsburgh and traded to San Francisco.



Class of 1983 and ubiquitous face of FOX NEWS.  He’s the Journalist’s answer to the TV series “Seinfeld”  He’s as eloquent as Shakespeare while as ruthless as Genghis Kahn.  You can see him hosting, Red Eye, The Five, The O’Reilly Factor and he occasionally  does Nair commercials. (Yes those are his legs).  If you can tell a person by the company he keeps one might think Greg has spent a good deal of time in Rehab.  That being said, Greg is quick to point out the 110 MILLION killed by communism in the 20th century.  He’s a social liberal at times and a lovabe fascist  at other times.  I can’t wait to read “Not Cool” in the library.  (Just Kidding) If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy of Not Cool; “You sir are WORSE THAN HITLER”.




The unexamined life is not worth living. ~ Socrates


 A Life without dreams is not worth living. ~ Ace


I don’t know if today’s indoctrinated public school systems focuse on helping the student find his or her inner voice. (Occupational direction and passion)  In the 60s we had elementary school classes like Arts and crafts.  We had band class or Music class.  You could take “shop” class and learn how to hammer a nail and “Heaven Forbid” use a table saw.


I was a first grader when Elvis had just gotten out of the Army.  I was born the year Elvis released “Heartbreak Hotel”, “I want you.  I need You, I love you”, “Love Me Tender” “Hound Dog” and “Don’t be Cruel”.  Needless to say; it was a good year for the kid from Tupelo Mississippi.

 Follow that Dream

In 1962, Elvis filmed the movie: “Follow That Dream”.  The record was the first serious 45 RPM recording I ever owned. (Alvin and the Chipmunks not withstanding) I can’t recall how many times I saw the movie on the silver screen as my parents used the El Rey Theatre as a baby sitter.  (Pretty much the way parents today use DVDs and Ipads, in an Orwellian fashion, to keep their toddlers from getting into trouble)  So in 1st grade (Or grade 1)  when each child had to stand up and tell the class what they wanted to be when they grew up; the girls said: “nurses” and the boys had a little more latitude as some said: “Policemen”, some said: “Firemen”, some said: “Soldiers” and since the space race was popular at the time, some said: “Astronauts”.  In my class, one little wise ass kid (Me) stood up and said: “I want to be like Elvis Presley”.


They use to have musical aptitude tests in 1st grade elementary schools.  I excelled at almost every instrument I picked up.  So they stuck an alto Sax in my hand and said: “You’re going to be a Sax player”.  They didn’t have the guitar as a choice way back then.  They were all marching band instruments.  So from 1962 to 1967, I was well known as a child musical prodigy.  I even wrote a song at the age of nine that got published in the town newspaper.  I savored the attention.  Then later that summer my mother died.  I had what is now described as a major paradigm shift.  Life as I knew it ended. Overnight my life went from being one of the “Partridge Family” to being Eddie Corbett from “The courtship of Eddie’s father”.


That same year my father took me to Candlestick Park in South San Francisco to see my first Major League Baseball game.  It was truly a magical treat as I got to do something special with my father and I got to see the great “Willie Mays”.   Move over Elvis, there was something new I admired in my life and a whole new field of endeavor called Baseball.  If you’ve never had the experience to see a Major League Baseball game, in the 60s, you walked up rather dark and damp ramps outside of the stadium until you got to your section.  Then you opened these double doors and one would expect to see St. Peter standing there as the sun reflecting the outfield grass blinded you in a very cinematic fashion.  It’s an experience you will never forget, especially if you’re a youngster.

 Willie Mays February 1970

Then I heard about a thing called little league.  Now they have T-ball for the little ones so they don’t get a boo boo on their hands.  I saved up 7 books of “Blue Chip” stamps and got my first Spalding Baseball glove.  Somehow, (a situation that was out of my hands) my musical performing fell off the face of the earth.  Baseball, the Theatre and a crappy inexpensive apartment with a black and white television was where I spent most of my life.


I also happened to live next door to Congressman John J. McFall.  He was a Democrat in the House of Representatives.  He let me work in his campaign office when I was 12 years old and I hoped he would let me meet Robert Kennedy.  June of that summer, a Jordanian named Sirhan Sirhan would end that dream.  In 1972 I was an actual team leader for the McGovern campaign.  (I was a good useful Idiot) Then in 1982 I met Ronald Reagan on Sutter Street in San Francisco. Reagan

So from 1968 until now, I’ve been a Political activist.  I was a democrat until 1979.  That’s when I saw what a mess Carter had gotten the country into, and I also started paying Taxes.  I can’t say that I am passionate about politics, but like Charles Krauthammer recently said to Bret Baier, and something I’ve been telling those who don’t know anything about politics: “It doesn’t matter if you like or dislike politics, it’s like air.  It affects you whether or not you like it”.  Some of us who know the nuances of politics realize how damn dangerous those elected can be.  Just ask a Jew who was in Warsaw, Poland in 1940.  Hell; ask a German national who was forced to be a Nazi in 1933 to 1945.  Ask a Chinese nationalist who refused to join the Communist party in the 50s. (If you can find one alive) Ask someone who lost a relative in the Russian revolution how important politics is.

Is Politics more important than your Dreams?

That’s a question I would love to ask Charles Krauthammer.  My true passion is music.  I have a flame in my soul that transforms me when you put a guitar in my hand.   I even played on international TV in 2010.

I (like Charles) love baseball and I know the “Inside Baseball” moves as well as most MLB managers.  I think I could even be a general manager. (The guy who hires players) I’ve even played American Legion ball in a minor league baseball stadium.  I think a lot of men who needed an escape from reality have used baseball or sports in general to pass the hours and days and eventually a lifetime.

When it comes down to what truly matters, what good is your favorite team if Obama outlaws sports?  What good is music if your lyrics are censored like in Russia or China?  The older we get, the more you lose your fast hands.  The old we get, the more immature the players seem.

Yet the older we get, the more lethal our politicians become.

gun control

We are here for four primary reasons.  We need to experience love.  We need to learn, not just what you’re taught in school but we need to grow spiritually.  We need to live.  You will define what “living” means. And finally we will leave a legacy.  When we die, all we take with us are our memories (Lady and the Tramp) one memory will be how we left our country for our children or the next generation.  Up until Obama, we’ve always had generations that had it better than their parents.  I’m afraid all of those who said: “I’m not interested in politics” have become useful Idiots to the regime that is destroying the future of this country.


The Unemployment Line

What will YOUR legacy be?


I could only think of one SCENE when I heard Dennis Rodman loose his mind on TV. (I know that statement was an oxymoron) But it reminded me of when Mrs.Cleaver translates Jive on board the “Airplane”

If Kim Jong Un decided to keep Dennis and his Comrades as prisoners would America give (As Dennis says) A Rat’s Ass?  Or would Obama fly to North Korea with a picture of himself and Bow to the Communist Despot?

And one can’t help but think of this scene from Airplane.  It’s so appropriate.