I’m a Simple Man – TEOTWAWKI

I’m a Simple Man – TEOTWAWKI



 In the survival world, there are two acronyms you need to be aware of.

  1. TEOTWAWKI – The End Of The World As W Know It
  2. SHTF – Shit Hits The Fan

Rather than watch a Superbowl that looked like it was fixed; I was doing some research on the String theory for an earlier article.  I found a video featuring the ever so awesome Michio Kaku.  (A Nuclear Physicist).

Because I am such a fan of Dr. Kaku, I decided to click on a couple of other videos which contained interviews.  One was on the FUKUSHIMA power plant, melt down.  Now remember Dr. Kaku has relatives in Tokyo.  They are preparing to leave Japan.  Dr. Kaku said Japan is in denial and underestimating the numbers when it comes to “Iodine” in the atmosphere.  In short: “We’re all going to die from radioactive poisoning”.

It didn’t take long for me to conclude that I had gotten myself on a TEOWAWKI page.  Now keep in mind that TEOWAWKI doesn’t mean the end of planet earth, but rather the end of our lifestyle as we know it.  Instead of that convenient microwave oven, you may (if you’re lucky) be cooking from a campfire.

Some sites were referring to a NASA article that said America was prepared to kill of the majority of the world’s population because we were using resources to quickly.

Of course there were the secret society conspiracies that started with the Illuminati, the Free Masons, (I use to love Perry Mason) and of course eventually, Alex Jones’ favorite, The Bilderbergers.

I think much of what I watched was bull shit.  But then again, I could be in denial myself.  I read an AMA (American Medical Association) Article in 1978 about the feasibility of not being truthful with patients.  I think the article was called “The Feasibility of not being Truthful with your patients”.  In short, it said: “The patient has a better chance of living if you don’t tell him he’s going to die”.

So when I hear claims (especially from Democrats) that Obama is part of a conspiracy that involves the top 1% or maybe even the Top .01% of the wealthiest people in the world; I have to ask myself: “What do they know that we don’t”?  Some have said, (And this is very Plausible) That America hasn’t elected a President in 50 years.  Big money has.  It certainly sounds reasonable that Obama was a pure set up.  Remember all of the liberal academia that was shouting, 9/11 was all about oil?  They were close.  According to those in the know it was about keeping the value of the U.S. dollar propped up.  “They” (The CTs) claim that Saddam Hussein was starting to trade oil for Euros.  So the war to topple and oust Hussein was to keep the dollar as the world reserve currency, not to steal their oil.  People around the world still believe our “Monopoly” (Fiat) money is worth something.  And it is as long as they continue to believe it.

I’ve learned of a thousand ways the government is ready to kill us all.  One of biggest theories being circulated is weather manipulation.  The idea is getting a lot of traction in the fringe media today.  It does scare me, knowing what I know about physics.

At the end of the world, we must remember one thing.  All living beings die eventually.  It doesn’t quite matter much if you were born in Ethiopia with no food, or poisoned by chem-trail dust particles in your castle.  We will all cross over.  But it sounds like some of the inventions of destruction created by your tax dollars are quite fascinating.

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