Agenda 21 for Dummies

Agenda 21 for Dummies

haarp HAARP Aurora

If you had made enough money, or inherited the family empire; what would your attitude be?  For the shallow minded, it would be: “He who dies with the most toys wins”.  For the compassionate it would be to set up grants to help the less fortunate.

But what if you had enough money to buy a country?

Lust makes one think way outside of the box.  For some of these, especially when they join or meet in groups, the goal is “Immortality”.  Along with immortality comes the “King complex”.  There’s an old saying: What fun is being rich unless you have poor people to kick around”?

On a more plausible paradigm, the King complex encompasses the “Castle” state of mind.  Meaning my wealth is my kingdom.  I want my Castle to continue to be occupied by peasants so my offspring can continue the Monarchy.  So  If my castle becomes too crowded; Someone has to go.  WELCOME TO AGENDA 21

If you have enough money, you can influence almost any government.  If you donate to the government (Grants) you can have certain technology created with the intentions of defending that country with unintended collateral damage.  If you have enough money, the heads of government will sponsor your true agenda.  How could I get rid of some of the people in my castle without just executing them?  I know, I could subject them to the elements.  If only I could control the weather, not only could I kill off those unnecessary peasants, but I could raise the temperature in the castle and blame the peasants and their oxen and charge them for having an effect on the castle.

This quick video is about such an invention which is up in Alaska called HAARP which is another acronym for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.   The first Video is short and to the point.  It also stars Bill Birnes from UFO Magazine.  The second video is EVERYTHING you need to know about HAARP.


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