The Sins of the many far outweigh the good of the few.  Perhaps this is why Jesus said The gate to righteousness is narrow and few shall enter.  While American Leftist use the “green” Ideological movement to suck more tax out of Americans and chase more businesses to other countries; These other countries are the major cause of pollution and the destruction or decay of life on Earth as we once knew it.


Although this may look like a black and white image; It is in color.

That’s freshly made Chinese smog.

As China continues to pollute the planet, the U.S. is being strangled by leftist Ideologues who sing, “But we must do our part”. Therefor our economic growth has been frozen by Federal regulations.  Have you ever heard the term “pissing into the wind”?  China and Russia do not give a Rat’s ass about the ecological destruction they’re creating.  And this paradigm is causing the decline of the United States as we once knew it when WE were polluting the planet.

Unfortunately, countries need economic growth as well as ecological sanity to maintain a healthy balance of the environment.  Without economic growth, we cannot have procreation.  Without procreation we cannot have a dominant military, or a sufficient amount of job providers and tax payers.   One way to stimulate economic grow it to shrink government.  If you stop giving away tax dollars, the incentive to migrate here illegally will be shifted to more socialistic countries.




I would not be surprised to see civil unrest in Europe lead to an “Ethnic Cleansing” of Muslims (Who procreate at a rate of 8 Muslims per female).  As opposed to White non-Hispanic/Muslim females who now procreate at a rate of 1.3 children per female.


Women have children if they have a means of supporting them.  Wealthier couples have more children than those living from paycheck to paycheck.  So the key to national survival is to secure our borders and get our economy on track.  NAFTA was a NWO Idea that is destroying America.




Obama’s administration knows this which is why we’re being distracted from the border and he is doing little to encourage economic growth.  In 2016, America will need a President and Vice President that will seal the southern border, turn our economy around and of course make our military strong again.  Basically we need another Ronald Reagan without Tip O’Neil.  It’s going to take a Republican Super Majority to undo the damage of a 2 year Democrat Super Majority.

Like most crises it’s going to have to get ugly before it gets better.



This is the final installment of the “Best Movies” series.  The nineties saw CGI graphics being used extensively.   The 2nd Star Wars Trilogy that came out in the late 90s did not make the list, but you could see what Spielberg could do with a computer.  Personally, I prefer the old days when they used master craftsmen to make models and acting took priority over special FX.  It’s like the program “auto tune” in Music.  Anyone can sing like Daryl Hall if you have the worst voice and this program.  I noticed in the 90s that too many movies were being made.  Sometimes, competition can ruin a perfectly good movie.  With the price of a theater seat at $10.00 (American) Unless it’s a movie that should be appreciated on the BIG screen like a Godzilla movie, most Americans will wait until it comes out on DVD and watch it in their underwear on their own BIG screen at home, where the popcorn is cheaper and healthier and you don’t have some dumb ass talking on his cell phone. Thank you to everyone who read my review of the formative years of Cinema. * NOTE All of the Titles mentioned are available for purchase on DVD.  You may have to search harder for some of them.


1. INDEPENDENCE DAY ID4 – ID4 was a movie taken right from Ronald Reagan’s U.N. Speech in the 80s.  The 90s were also the “Will Smith/Tom Hanks” decade.  I’m surprised that they chose to team Will Smith up with Jeff “The Fly” Goldblum instead of Tom Hanks.  They probably would, but Hanks was busy working on “That Thing you do”.


2. SANDLOT 1993 – For any kid that loved Baseball as a kid, this was a movie that will always have a spot in your heart.   This was before steroids.  This was when the Babe was still a Baseball deity.  Unlike the shameful alleged felon that occupies the HR title now.  And before you call me a racist; I met Hank Aaron and he was a legitimate Home Run King.  But I think this movie was supposed to take place prior to Aaron’s record. (Who said if he could have used steroids, he would have hit 900 Home runs) This movie is like Christmas Story in that it’s told in the third person reflecting on his childhood.  It’s much like “The Wonder Years”.  It’s an animated version of South Park without the weekly killing of Kenny.  Whoever did the casting and character creation in this movie really did their homework.


3. PULP FICTION 1994– This is the Quintin Tarantino film that all Q movies will be judged against.  It is truly the bench mark of all films Tarantino.  It’s one of the few movies that showcased Q’s originality.  A Star Studded cast that include not just “Travolta and SLJ” but “Bruce Willis” as well.  It could be considered a cult film but this movie was indicative of the times (Especially in L.A.) so it has a broad audience.  Kill Bill would follow, but Q admits that Kill Bill was “Josey Wales meets Kung Fu”.  Inglorious Basterds (yes it was spelled with a E) is one of my favorite Q movies but only because of the Beautiful Melanie Laurent.  Again, this movie was a rip off of the “Dirty Dozen”.


4. THE MATRIX 1999 – This movie was one of the first “Messianic” movies to hit the silver screen that appealed to so many.  The timing was right as the world had gone virtual.  Ironically, less people today (After 6 years of Obama) are starting to wonder if they would choose the blue pill or the red pill.  It is to date, the ultimate use of the Christ story.  Most of the names in the movie were taken from the Bible.  I think what was really good about this movie was that they only milked it for one sequel too many.  They should have stopped at one sequel.


5. FORREST GUMP 1994– This was the beginning of the Hanks/Spielberg success formula.  Gump was the story of every Baby Boomer.  Just as “Sandlot” resonated with boomer that played little league, Gump was a history lesson that started in the segregated south of the 60s.  Spielberg blatantly uses CGI to splice Hanks into historic scenes of Gump shaking hands with Presidents, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon.  The movie is funny and instead of spawning several sequels, it spawned 3 Restaurant called “Bubba Gump’s”.  The menu is based upon the movie.  The Restaurants were good when they originally opened.  Now they’re just glorified Chili’s with mediocre food and props from the movie.  Ironically, most of the employees were not even born when the movie came out.


6. THE ROCK 1996 – Sean Connery comes of age (In latent fashion) I never liked Sean Connery, perhaps it was his portrayal of James Bond. In The Rock he nailed the role he was casted in as a “Has Been” English agent that knew too much.  In the movie, Connery has a line while discussing his release from prison: “Once they set me free, they’ll suicide me”.  Today, we say: “They’ll Breitbart me”.  (Referring to activist Andrew Breitbart’s mysterious heart attack)  Connery’s co-star, Nicholas Cage had come a long way from his fledgling attempt at acting in the movie “Valley Girl” a movie that was so bad that Frank Zappa dropped a law suit against the producers claiming that he didn’t want his name associated with such an awful movie. The Rock has one great asset, Alcatraz.  Any movie that has the Island (former prison/fort) Alcatraz in it will have some success because of this mysterious Island alone.  This movie was a fabulous thriller even with Cage’s poor acting.  Most of the best actors were the bad guys including the ever so underrated “Ed Harris”. (All the Right Stuff) The casting was excellent in The Rock. NOTABLE LINE: “What do you want me to do, kill him again”? delivered by Connery while a dead bad guy is twitching after dying.


*NOTE:  In 2012 Warner Brothers produced a 13 episode series for Fox called Alcatraz.  The series won the “Most exciting new series of 2012” Award.  It had better than average ratings yet was cancelled after 13 episodes.



7. JURASSIC PARK 1993 – How many people knew what Velociraptors were before 1993?  Now ask yourself, how many youth soccer teams have at least one team called the “Raptors”?  I think the NBA has a team called the Raptors. The NBA Raptors were founded in 1995.  Is this a coincidence?  I doubt it.  The movie is on this list because there is no doubt that it had a huge influence on society.

dern park                                  Dern

It only on my list because of the many gratuitous camera shots of Laura Dern’s ass.  This is one movie where the director was egregious when it came to gratuitous sex shots.


8. SAVING PRIVATE RYAN 1998 – Again we have the Hanks/Spielberg connection.  Saving Private Ryan was important for one sect of America, the greatest generation.  The WWII Heroes that survived the attack on Omaha beach on June 6th 1944 came out of the Theater saying that the first 10 minutes of the Movie was like reliving the invasion.  This movie, I felt, was for them.  It was true that America would risk the lives of many to find the last surviving member of a family to send them home.  Private Ryan is the last of the Ryan brothers to survive the D-Day invasion.  Hanks and his squad are sent to find Ryan and send him home.   Although the movie takes liberties with history, just as Pearl Harbor did in 2005, it was a typical Hanks/Spielberg action drama.  I’m glad it didn’t have any sequels, but one could argue that the HBO series “The Band of Brothers” (Which I felt was better than Saving Private Ryan) could be interpreted as a sequel.  Modern Day influence many are comparing the soldiers that died looking for the alleged “deserter” Pvt. Bergdahl that America traded 5 top Taliban prisoners for.  But unlike “Benedict” Bergdahl; (the alleged traitor), Pvt. Ryan was a Hero, who didn’t want to leave his squad short handed. Bergdahl decided to take a walk one night and went looking for the enemy. (And not for good reasons) It’s been reported that 6 of Bergdahl’s fellow squad mates died searching for him.


9. TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY 1991 – This is one of the few sequels that had people visiting the original because the sequel was so much better.  I can only think of two off of the top of my head, those being Rocky Two and Rambo. (Hmmmm both Stallone movies)  Terminator 2: Judgment day was huge.

Notable Line: “I’ll be Back”.

t’s a movie about time travel but this time the bad guy in the first movie is truly the good guy in the sequel.  Perhaps this is why T2 had success the second time around.  CGI graphics were used perfectly in this movie.  I say that because they were used with a purpose and not out of laziness.  As far as Action movies go; T2 is one of the best and possibly the pinnacle of Arnold’s career. (His role as Governor of California notwithstanding)


10. THAT THING YOU DO 1996 – Did I mention Hanks had a big career in the 90s?   I can remember the garage bands that somehow had a good song that made it to the top of the charts never to be heard from again. Wooly Bully, Louie Louie, Brother Louie, In the year 2525 etc…  These band are known in the business as “One hit wonders”.  What I liked about “That thing you do” is that it explained the common story of the one hit wonder.  Again, whoever did the casting and character definition really did a great job.  If you look at the members of the fictional band “The Wonders”, you can compare it to many of the bands in pop culture that had one hit and then broke up.  What I would like to see is a movie of a successful band like the Beatles that break up and the result is mediocre product as opposed to the synergistic sound the band had.  (Synergy is when the sum is greater than the total of the individual parts combined).  The Beatles were a perfect example.  John Lennon (Whom I felt was the genius behind the Beatles) was less successful in his solo career compared to Paul McCartney.  (I could write a McCartney/Wings song in 5 minutes) but they needed each other to give the Beatles that “synergy” where John lacked in commercialism (Paul’s prowess) Paul lacked in substance. (John’s prowess).  We saw this in the Eagles break up.  But in ‘That thing you do”, it was easy for Hanks to write the archetypes of a successful band that lets success ruin the band.  Musicians are musicians for different reasons and Hanks was able to find four of the biggest reasons Musicians join bands.  It’s a better movie if you know the “Inside baseball” of the music industry.



Mike Myers and Dana Carvey created this wonderfully fun extension of their SNL skit about two guys from a suburb of Chicago (Aurora) that gain access to public television at 2:00 AM.  It becomes a local cult hit in the area until an industry guy buys the rights for pennies.  The original movie was as funny as Animal house (another SNL genre movie) yet the sequel is as good as the original.  One wonders why Myers omitted Carvey from the Austin Powers series. There are so many notable lines, I could do an article on the Top 10 best lines from Wayne’s World.  (Like Babalicious, Schwing, Baberaham Lincoln, Exsqueeze me, or “I’ll have the cum of someyongguy”.  There was one sequel and to be honest, I have trouble telling one from the other.





This will be the last installment of the best of TV shows as I said, Television swung to reality TV in the 90’s with the exception of NBC’s Law and Order Franchise and CBS’ CSI Franchise.   24 is still going strong after a 4 year hiatus.  We can only hope that the ratings for Fox and Jack Bauer warranted continuing the series.  This season was only 12 episodes long instead of the usual 24 one hour installments.  Time will tell.


THE SIMPSONS –  The Simpsons were created as cartoon “shorts” for “The Tracey Ullman Show”.  The response from the public was so overwhelming that shortly after their appearance on the Ullman show, The Simpsons had their own show as Tracey Ullman faded into Obscurity.  Although the Simpsons just caught the end of the 80s, they still make the list.


SEINFELD – It was a story about nothing.  Jerry Seinfeld played himself and made a hit series out of his life as a standup comedian.  I guess you could say it was an 80s version of  “I Love Lucy”.  Many of the characters came from ABC’s failed variety show “Fridays”.  But the writing was non-specific.  The success of the series was dependent on the stories that came from the characters being “ordinary people”.


CHEERS – Cheers was a TV Series about a bar in Boston called “The Bull & Finch”.  It’s as popular as Fenway park if you’re touring Boston.  Unlike the TV Show which features a horseshoe bar (and ferns) The Bull & Finch is what you would think a Bostonian corner bar would look like.  It has the Indian.  The bar is a simple counter.  Around back where the pool Table was exists a T-shirt shop.  It is underground as in the TV show so be sure and watch your step.


MARRIED WITH CHILDREN – This was the most popular TV Series in the correctional system across America.  It was Fox’s live version of the Simpsons (which was animated) The show ran 11 seasons until the patron saint of Shark jumping became a cast member.   The infamous “Ted McGinley”.  I could do a whole article on the shows Ted Killed off starting with Welcome Back Kotter.  Most of you would recognize McGinley as the Quarterback Jerk in “Revenge of the Nerds”.


THIRTYSOMETHING – 30 something was a show aimed at baby boomers.  It was a primetime soap opera for the Baby Boomers that were in their 30s.  You either liked it or you hated it.  The writing was well done but they ran short of stories after a while.  The series had that New York Woody Allen/Nora Ephron flavor to it.

Wonder Years

THE WONDER YEARS – The wonder years was a retro boomer series about life 20 years prior to the year we were in.  It started in 1983 and every Junior High was changing the name of their school to J.F.K junior High, or Kennedy High School. (Starting in 1963)  This was much like 30 something only it could have been called 12 something.  We get to follow the pre-pubescence stories of life in middle school, then High School then finally the show ends with the Narrator playing catch with his son.  The Narrator played the main character (Kevin Arnold the original 12 year old) of the show and the show was being told in the third person.  In fact, the Idea came from the movie; “A Christmas Story”


MOONLIGHTING – “Look he has hair”! Moonlighting was the story of two Private Investigators who were of the opposite sex.  It was the launch of Bruce Willis’ career and co-starred Cybil Shepherd.  The show was a short lived hit for ABC only because Willis was bound for stardom and the Silver Screen was calling.  It was screaming the words DIE HARD quite loud.


DYNASTY– Dynasty was a prime time soap Opera which was another “The life and follies of the Rich and Famous”.  Dallas had gained a head start in the 70s while Dynasty which was supposed to be based out of “Denver” show cased beautiful people that could not act.  That’s what the value of Dynasty was; Beautiful people.  Of course it had John Forsyth, Linda Evans and Joan Collins for acting credibility, but all of the boy toys and girlfriends were Revlon models or Sports Illustrated cover girls.  One pretty face that got her start in the Dynasty series was Heather Locklear.  Yes Heather be thy name.








WAR OF THE WORLDS –  In 1988 someone decided to do a TV Series of the Radio shocker: “The War of The Worlds”.  It looked like it had a great future ahead of it.  The series lasted two seasons and folded.  It really hurt not being able to see “Lynda Mason Green” any longer.


WHEEL OF FORTUNE – In 1983 America got its’ first glimpse of  the game show that would have millions tuning in just to watch Vanna White turn cubes to see what letter was behind it.  Vanna was discovered by Merv Griffin and the rest is history and I’m done scraping the bottom of the Barrel.  From Combat in 1963 to Wheel of Fortune in 1983.  I didn’t have room for “The Cosby Show” but if you want black programming, just turn on some commercials.

There you have it.


The Baby boom was a post WWII rise in the population from 1946 to 1964.  It may not be known as one of the best generations, but it will be remembered as the largest populated generation.  It was easy to market to this generation as they all hit pivotal points around the same time.  They needed reading glasses at the same time which created “Lens Crafters”.  Viagra hit the scene when the earlier Boomers started hitting their 50s.

We saw movies in the 80s that were more Juvenile in nature because many of the Boomers started having children in the late 70s to late 80s.  So movies like Ferris Beuller’s day off and Weird Science were successful hits at the box office.

Technology was also changing the face of entertainment in 1985 when the VCR became affordable to the common household.  In the 70s we had the Atari 2600.  Later we had the original Nintendo and one new household requirement; Cable TV.  So movies became more Ubiquitous as Television became more desperate.  The family shows of the 70s and early 80s like “Eight is enough” started to fade.  Oprah and Phil Donahue gave way to a new generation of “Reality” TV in the 90s.  We saw the Ricci Lakes,  and eventually, Jerry Springer.   This opened the door to a new form of television “fluff”.  I think it might have gotten its’ official start with MTV’s “The real world”.

How we got to Swamp People and Duck Dynasty is something I can’t explain.  It’s been a long hard road for Television.  We’ve gone from Gun Smoke to Doomsday Preppers.  The only non-reality TV series I get excited over is 24.  America needs a Jack Bauer since we have no leader.  From what I hear, the truly great Television entertainment is on “Net Flix”.  This is a new pay per view TV Series format.  And possibly the way of the future.


*Note The 80s appeared to be a turning point in visual entertainment.  Nintendo and Atari had introduced the first Video games.  In the 80s, we saw Cinema at its’ best, and T.V. was relying on the great shows from the 70s with a handful of new exceptions.  I will go so far as to say that the eighties became the new Golden age of Cinema.  Unfortunately Video games and MTV forced the Television industry into a downward spiral for the worse.


1. FIELD OF DREAMS – Released in 1989, Field of Dreads became the new Baseball masterpiece.  It will be the film standard by which all future Baseball movies are held to. They say we go through life having an unresolved issue with one parent.  Field of Dreams takes this into the paranormal and has grown men crying at the end.  The actors are some of the best in the business (new and old).  This Movie didn’t win the awards that some of the others did, but it did create a new standard that the Natural or even Major League can’t stand up to.


2. TERMS OF ENDEARMENT – Probably the best movie of the 80s and one of the top 5 post WWII movies.  Arguably a “Chick Flick”, “Terms” had an ensemble that won an academy award in almost every category.  Jack Nicholson was at his finest as were the co-stars Debra Winger and Shirley MacLaine.  The supporting cast even included Danny DeVito as well as a young up and coming John Lithgow (3rd rock) and Jeff Daniels (dumb &dummer/Speed).  The only issue keeping this movie from being in the same class as Gone with the wind or Casablanca is the ending.  There are movie goers who will dislike a movie if the ending comes in the form of harsh reality.

 Die Hard

3. DIE HARD – Die hard launched the Silver screen career of one of the most prolific actors of our time.  Bruce Willis will probably be known forever as Officer John McLaine.  The movie would spawn 4 more sequels.  But Willis would go on to do more movies than any other “A” list actor of our time.


4. SCARFACE – Scarface is a cult movie to some.  It’s a great story about a cocain trafficker in the 80s that had his own “mob” business.  He was a ruthless killer and the movie glorifies the decadence and terror of the life of a gangster, and who is best to play the role of a gangster but Al Pacino.  Notable line: “Say Hello to my little friend”.


5. BACK TO THE FUTURE – Marty McFly (J.Michael Fox) finds himself in the 50’s before he was born.  This is a time machine movie that is interesting in hindsight as Spielberg introduces cool toys in 1985 which we do not have yet.  Huey Lewis makes a cameo telling Marty’s band: “They’re just too darn loud”.  B2TF would have 2 sequels with one cast change.  It defines the 80s classic trilogy.


6. RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK: That kid that was always racing for pink slips in American Graffiti gets his first of many title roles in Raiders of the lost Ark.  Spielberg introduces us to “Indiana Jones” (who gets his name “Indy” after the family dog) Indiana Jones’ character is Classroom science teacher meets Anthropologists meets James Bond.  And oddly enough, in one of the sequels, Sean Connery plays Indiana Jones’ father.  What’s truly interesting about this movie is that the plot is based on historical fact.  It was a trilogy for the longest time, but I think Spielberg recently milked Indiana for one more go around.


7. THE SHINING – Perhaps the scariest movie of the 80s, The Shining, a Stanley Kubrick film, is based on the haunted Hotel in Colorado called the Stanley Park Hotel.  This Movie is all about Jack Nicholson with a few lines from Shelly Duvall.  Jack plays the Inn keeper of a Haunted Hotel in the middle of nowhere and finds himself going stir crazy.  Then again who could stand to be locked in an abandoned Hotel with Shelly Duvall? (Olive Oil)
The last three fall under the Genre of “Feel Good” movies. It’s comfort food for the eyes.

 Top gun

8. TOP GUN – This movie is really interesting in retrospect.  With the exception of introducing America to the beautiful Meg Ryan; we have Tom Cruise (often alleged as gay) playing the romantic role opposite of Kelly McGillis who recently came out of the closet.  It makes you wonder if they both went Yuk and spit after each kiss scene.  If you love F-14s this is the movie for you.  There are priceless aviation  scenes.  The plot is O.K. but it’s an action movie, so we have to cut the writers some slack.  Anthony Bourdain called this the “Gayest Movie ever made” as the movie has many shower scenes with nude men and at the end many of them are hugging each other saying: “You can be my wingman anytime”.  But what does Bourdain know about Aviation?


9. PREDATOR – Predator is an Arnold Action movie.  Arnold takes on an Alien creature whose mission is to hunt other predators for sport.  The movie is Action Packed and it had one sequel.  Well two if you count Alien vs. Predator.  There are two notable lines in this movie.  One comes the shameless Jessie Ventura who says: “I ain’t got time to bleed”.  I believe The former Governor/Wrestler wrote a book by the same title.  The other notable line by Arnold, as he takes off the Predator’s mask is: “You’re one ugly mother fucker”!  The line is repeated in the sequel which starred Danny Glover.


10. GHOSTBUSTERS – This is another 80s movie.  Many 80s movies had a certain “comfort food” feel about them.  Ferris Bueller’s day off is another example that did not make the list.  In fact I could have made this list 40 movies long.  Ghostbusters was a Saturday night live reunion of Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd.  Ernest Hudson, who would go on record as having been haunted by a real ghost as a child, played the 3rd Ghost Hunter.  Akroyd and Murray play scientists at a University and are always causing “incidents” with their experiments.  They eventually lose their grant money and have to go to work for the private sector.  They do so by offering a Ghost hunting/trapping/and removal service called Ghostbusters.  Notable line: “Dan Akroyd after being expelled from the University hears Murray say: “Well, we’ll just have to go to work in the private sector” Akroyd responds: “I’ve worked in the private sector.  It’s tough.  They expect results”.



80s CULT MOVIE – THIS IS SPINAL TAP – Produced with NO SCRIPT, Rob Reiner also plays the narrator that tours with this decadent 60s/70s aging rock band.  The Keyboardist, “Viv Savage” whose real name is Dave Kaff played keys for my band in the early 2000s.


THE OTHER 80s CULT MOVIE- CROSSROADS – Ralph Maccio from the Karate Kid makes a comeback as a child Prodigy on guitar.  He breaks out a legendary Blues harmonica player from a state hospital and the two go “down south” where Willie Brown, (Walter Johnson’s alleged friend) is going to show Eugene the 27th lost song that was never recorded by Blues great Robert Johnson.  The movie is fun and gives a somewhat accurate portrayal of the racism that still exists in the south. (As of 1986) I can’t say what it is like after 6 years of Obama.  The guitar work on the sound track is done by Ry Cooder (Slide guitar) and the great Head cutting scene at the end is done by Rocker Steve Vai (David Lee Roth).  In the head cutting scene, Vai plays both parts.  You can see the film is edited to make Maccio look like he’s actually playing.  (Which looks quite obvious)

 Harry Sally

THE BEST ROMANTIC COMEDY OF THE 80s – When Harry met Sally.  How can you not love Meg Ryan in this romantic comedy?  I agree Billy Crystal can be as annoying and obnoxious as Alan Alda, but in spite of Crystal’s deliveries, this Nora Ephron movie is amongst the best Romantic Comedies ever.


TOP CHICK FLICK – DIRTY DANCING.  This is the late Patrick Swayze’s chance to showcase his dance abilities.  The movie also includes the late Jerry Orbach (Detective Lenny Briscoe) from NBC’s Law and Order.


TOP GUY FLICK – ROAD HOUSE- Again Patrick Swayze show casing his choreographed Karate moves.  The movie has lots of T&A for the guys as well as monster trucks, fights and killings.  This movie would not be on the list without the beautiful Kelly Lynch who is known only as “Doc”.





1. Saturday Night Live 1975 – It’s hard to believe that SNL has been on the small screen for 4 decades.  Next year will be SNL’s 40th anniversary.  Some say the show has been on 33 years too long.  This was the show everybody talked about on Monday morning.  This is the show that everyone tried to impersonate.  How many people do you know had their own impersonation of Guido Sarducci?   The original premise of SNL was to be a national venue for “Not ready for prime time players”.  Out of the original cast, all but 3 went on to become Giants in the entertainment industry.  After the third turn over in cast, the ensemble stopped working as a team.  Mike Myers and Dana Carvey were part of the last ensemble that worked as a team.  SNL will probably continue to produce mediocre comedy until someone puts it out of its’ misery.


M*A*S*H 1972 – MASH was produced on the coat tails of the Movie.  Strangely enough, it seemed MASH was better suited for Television than it was for the big screen.  The fans of the show are divided into three groups.  There are those who enjoyed the slap stick comedy version of MASH (Season 1-5), then there are those who enjoy the transformation of MASH into a more serious dramatic comedy. (Season 6-11) leaving the third group of those who enjoy all 11 seasons.  Personally, I felt the writing after the transformation was far superior to the unbelievable episodes with Klinger in drag.  The problem is; I don’t think those who have some kind of medical background can appreciate the writing of the post transformation.  The slap stick was replaced by Hawkeye’s morals and in some cases romance was used.  What was very special about MASH was that they knew when to call it quits and it was one of the most watched episodes in television history.


The Bob Newhart Show 1972 – I never watched Bob Newhart in the 70s.  I only recently watched the boxed set and I was pleasantly surprised.  Bob Newhart’s humor is wonderful.  The show ran for 6 years but they had a change in writers after the 4th season and the stories became stale.  But Newhart’s comedy comes close to that of Steve Martin’s in its’ sophistication.  The boxed set is a must own.


Welcome Back Kotter 1975 – Welcome back Kotter had a great theme song. (Written and sung by John B. Sebastion) The series had a simple premise about a cool high school teacher who had a“click”of students called the sweat hogs.  One sweat hog went on to become an international sensation. (John Travolta).  But Kotter was a show that everyone could relate to.  In many of the best shows on television, the key to success is how the characters relate to the public.  Kotter not only had a diverse group of students socially, but ethnically as well.  It only ran for four seasons but sometimes that’s enough.


Alias Smith and Jones 1971 – Starring Ben Murphy Pete Duel as two train robbers who decided to work for the governor to get pardoned for their crimes.  It was a western version of “It takes a thief”.  It was also one of the last modern day westerns.  The show ran for 3 years with great ratings but the actor Pete Duel struggled with depression and ended the series by committing suicide.  I recall this bothering me a lot as a young teen.  I still don’t think I’ve fully gotten over it.



Barney Miller 1974 – For eight years Barney Miller kept America entertained with its’ comedy from a police station.  Only in New York could you have a comedy centered around a police station.  The acting was fabulous from this diverse ensemble.  One wonders if night court was created as the “Order” side of Barney Miller’s “Law” episodes.


Sanford and Son 1972 – Rarely does a great standup comedian transpose his comedy chops into great acting chops.  Look at Robin Williams.  It took Robin 10 years of acting before he became the fine actor that he turned into.  Red Fox (Whose real name is Fred Sanford) was consistently funny, so funny that he made it consistently hard for Demond Wilson to play the straight guy.  One wonders if Fred and Elizabeth are finally together.


Battlestar Galactica 1978 – I loved the Movie and of course I’m a sucker for women in tight space suits.  Why this series only lasted one season is beyond me.  Times were hard in 1978 and America was becoming more SELF aware and less Fictionally Aware. (Did I just create a new phrase)?  Galactica was released on the heels of Star Wars.  Perhaps there were copyright issues that eventually got settled as BSG would return 20 years later.  They changed the characters around.  Starbuck became a female. (and wow) but by then, the Sci-Fi audience for space shows was being consumed by the new Star Trek series “Voyager” which was the first Trek series to feature a female captain, and then the Prequel to Star Trek, “Enterprise”.   But for one year between 1978 and 1979 America was able to escape the depressing news of the 53 hostages in Tehran and double digit inflation.

all in

All in the Family  1971 – Perhaps one of the boldest Television shows ever, Archie Bunker, a New York cab driver was able to spew incredible racist and politically incorrect lines every week for nine years.  What was worse was America enjoyed it.  It was the personification of Free Speech.  It had to drive the ACLU crazy.  Archie Bunker was a Hero for the greatest generation.  Archie was that outspoken uncle that showed up at Christmas dinner.  Archie was a first Amendment American.


Mork and Mindy  1978 –  I took acting classes from Pat Lusk, who taught Robin Williams at the College of Marin and Tom Hanks at Chabot college.  Robin was born to do standup comedy.  His most successful films are where he is able to be himself and do standup.  His portrayal of Airman Adrian Cronauer in “Good Morning Vietnam” was Robin being Robin.  I watched Mork and Mindy because of Pam Dawber, who is related to Mark Harmon, the bother of the beautiful Kelly Harmon.  Kelly Harmon 3

Kelly Harmon, was known as the “Tic-Tac” girl in the 70s and also played in one episode of Battlestar Galactica.  Wow.  There was a growing demand for Robin to expand his career to the silver screen.  Unfortunately, like Steve Martin, his first film “Popeye” was a flop.  At least Martin’s film “The Jerk” was written by and co-starred Carl Rhinert. (Meathead’s real father) But to quote Robin in one of his HBO specials: “Popeye wasn’t good for anyone”.

Kelly Harmon

RJ Hart

ACE’S SPECIAL SLEEPER – HART TO HART  Ok, I, like most baby boomer men, wanted to be RJ. (Robert Wagner) Why? Because he always got chicks like Stephanie Powers.  A woman I’m rumored to have had an affair with.  But I can assure you it is just a rumor. (I can neither confirm or deny).  How many shows in the 70s had a happily married couple that played detectives with matching 450SL Mercedes?  The show was one of my favorites.



THE GOD FATHER 1972 – Arguably the greatest movie trilogy of all time.  The Godfather opened the eyes of the World to the life of organized crime that stemmed from Sicily to California.  The audience was taught how the “mob” had become organized into its’ own system of crime which enabled crime families to operate alongside each other and not against each other. It didn’t hurt having Marlin Brando in the original film, as well as an A list of supporting actors like Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, James Caan, and on and on and on.  Possibly the best Movie of our time since “Gone with the Wind”.


DIRTY HARRY 1971– Being from Carmel, I have put the Jack Bauer Archetype in the number 2 spot.  Why? Because Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry spawned a whole series of Dirty Harry Movies that were filmed in the San Francisco/Monterey Bay area.


STAR WARS 1977 –  It wasn’t Stephen Spielberg’s first movie; but it wasn’t expected to become the Science Fiction phenomena it became.  It was cut like a “Spaghetti Western”.  If you replaced the star ships with horses, you would have an extra-terrestrial version of “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”.  Little did Spielberg and Lucas know that they were building one of largest movie empires in the licensing can Toy industry.


ROCKY 1976 – The story behind the script is almost better than the script its’ self.  Sylvester Stallone had written the Movie and had a “few” offers for it but he had one stipulation.  He wanted to play the lead role.  At this time Sly was just an unknown slush mouth from Philly.  How Sly got the plot for Rocky was simple.  He had gone the night before and saw Tex Cobb (or a fighter of his nature) get his teeth punched out, but he hung in there.  In a way, the making of the movie was pretty much the same premise.  Finally the Fonz, Henry Winkler,(Who had started a production company with his Happy Days money) had read the script and decided to take a chance on the slush mouthed actor/writer from Philadelphia.  The rest is history.


STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE 1979 – After Decades, Trekkies waited for this disappointment.  It grossed 82 Million in the U.S. box office.  It’s one of the few motion picture series that put out great movies on every even numbered sequel.  The odd numbered sequels were all considered disappointments.  Over all the Franchise can put out deep fried dog turds on a stick and Trekkies will have to buy two.  One to play with and one to save “Mint in box”.


AMERICAN GRAFFITI 1973– Asks the question “Where were you in 62”.  One of Ron Howard’s few movies which he had success at as an actor.  Again we see Spielberg in the success of this American Classic.  In the early 60s, guys who had survived WWII or Korea came back and worked on making these awesome machines known as “Hot Rods”.  American Graffiti launched the careers of a plethora of actors.  Unknowns from a young Richard Dreyfuss to a young Thigh master spokesperson, (Suzanne Somers) were in this movie.  An unlikely actor who played the bad guy “racer” would turn up again in future Spielberg productions as Hans Solo and Indiana Jones.  Harrison Ford.  The Movie would spawn the TV series Happy Days.


ENTER THE DRAGON 1973 – Enter the Dragon was the only Bruce Lee Movie made for the U.S. audience.  It is Bruce Lee at his finest.  One can only wonder why Bruce was turned down for the role in TV’s “Kung Fu”.


M*A*S*H 1970 – Perhaps not the best Movie on the list and one can easily argue that M*A*S*H is an outright plagiarized remake of “Battle Circus” starring Humphrey Bogart and June Allison.  But like the Rocky Script, the script for M*A*S*H was turned down by 19 production companies before being accepted.  The true success of M*A*S*H would come from the CBS series.  I believe it is still the all-time highest rated comedy show on CBS.  The series lasted 11 years on CBS.


ANIMAL HOUSE 1978 – This is the quintessential “College” movie.  It created a new culture in the late 70s.  Campuses were celebrating the movie with “Toga Parties” and even the news media of today still use terms from the Movie such as: “Double Secret Probation”.  This movie was John Belushi at his finest.  The story of Lucas finding a University that would let them film is a again, a fine story in its’ self.


ANNIE HALL 1977 – Before Woody Allen tarnished his reputation as a pedophile; he was the Apple of New York’s eye.  If you look at the genre that is Woody Allen, you’ll find it in Annie Hall.  Woody is an example of a man who “Made it there” now he can’t make it anywhere.  Separating Woody’s idiosyncrasies from his work, this is one of the finest modern Romantic Comedies ever written.


Cult Movie Classic 1975 – The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I can’t remember much of this movie.  I don’t think anyone who’s watched it at the midnight showing can remember much of what this Cult movie was about.  It does define the genre if any movie does.  No movie has ever been around and had so much audience participation.  I only wished Tim Curry, who is a fine actor, could have done other movies before being labeled by this movie.  Not only does this movie define the genre of cult movies, but in a way, with the exception of the movie “The Serial” (Martin Mull) it represents the miserable 70s.


 TITLECombat Flag_edited-2a

1.Combat – ABC Tuesday 7:30 You would find this little guy on the living room floor almost every Tuesday night glued to the small screen watching the adventures of K company from the 563rd division.

Saunders a shining star       RJ Shining Star

The show ran 5 season featuring Vic Morrow as Sgt. Saunders and Rick Jason as Lt. Hanley. The repeating weekly cast consisted of Jack Hogan, whom most of the cast agreed was the best actor in the series.

Kirby a shining star

Hogan played the “Loose Cannon” Kirby as in “William J. Kirby” and the other fan favorite was “Caje” or PFC Paul Lemay, who was supposed to be a “Cajun”.

Caje cloud star

Pierre Jalbert who played Caje (and recently passed, R.I.P.) was a sound guy at the Warner Brothers studios. He was from Montreal and spoke fluent French however his English was spoken with a French Canadian accent. (Not Cajun).


The gentle Giant “Little John” was played by Dick Peabody and was there for all five seasons as were the previously mentioned. During the first two seasons Billy, who was the youngster of the squad was played by Tom Lowell. His character disappeared in the 3rd season. In season five, Combat would add another regular named William Bryant to play the Bazooka man “McCall”. The Medic in season one was a pretty boy named Steven Rogers.

Doc look of concern II

His acting just couldn’t cut it and he was replaced in season 2 by Conlan Carter who was nominated for an Emmy in his first season with the ensemble for best supporting actor. Finally we come to the Vegas comedian Shecky Greene. Shecky played the role of Braddock. His part worked well in the pilot of the series, but his prowess as a comedian didn’t fit into what became a serious WWII drama. Shecky Greene was also losing money by passing on opportunities to do what he loved which was stand-up comedy in Las Vegas. So Shecky departed towards the end of season one. Between the shift of filming in Black and White to Color, and the increasing salaries of the two stars, Selig Seligman, the executive producer felt unsure about the future of the show. America was watching real news clips coming from a war in Vietnam. Anti-war protesters like the SDS were making daily headlines. Seligman had another series to replace Combat that would have been cheaper called “Garrison’s Gorillas”. The show was a flop so Combat was no more. The good news is, Combat is available on DVD. The five discs sit on my desk every day. It’s funny because as a youngster, I would play hard and like most young kids, would fall asleep by 8:15. My father would come home and watch the end of Combat and pick me up and put me in my bed. Every time I hear the theme song during the closing credits, it reminds me of my father picking me up off of the floor and putting me to bed.

HH HH2 HHcast

2. Hogan’s Heroes – Hogan’s Heroes was a comedy about a group of captured airmen and pilots that ran an escape business out of Stalag 13. The true comedians were the Germans which were all played by Jewish actors. Sadly the only surviving member of Hogan’s Heroes is Cpl. Lebeau who was played by the French actor Robert Clary. The plots were pretty much the same although they did use historical events as the premise for certain episodes. Hogan’s Heroes ran 6 seasons and never compromised its’ level of entertainment.

Timetunnel TTcast DP

3. The Time Tunnel -Although it only ran one season; The Time tunnel was one of the more under-rated TV Shows in the history of programming. I guess the audience got tired of getting a history lesson every week. It’s ironic that one of the more successful channels today is “The History Channel” or “H2”. The show starred James Darren and Robert Colbert as the two Time Travelers.

RJ FE   RJW    thief

4. It Takes a Thief –  Robert Wagner was wonderful in his role as a “reformed master thief” who steals for the government.  Again, we see the counter culture turning bad guys into good guys.  I believe the show was cancelled after 3 seasons after a political incorrect scene involving Marilyn McCoo of the soul group “The Fifth Dimension”.  In a scene, Wagner who plays the role of a “Playboy Thief”, kisses McCoo on film.  The last discussion I had about this TV show was with a black friend I was in summer camp with.  When I said Robert Wagner, he responded: “Is he that white Mutha fucka that kissed the sister from the fifth dimension”?

enterprise       ST TOS

5. Star Trek – Yes I expect to catch hell from my Trek friends for not putting this at the top of the list, but hey it’s my list and they can either live long and prosper or go fuck themselves. What can I say about Gene Roddenberry’s creation that the people haven’t already said? NBC blew it big time and the fans fought to get it back. Don’t you wish politicians could learn that lesson?

LIS cast Lis GirlsJ2

6. Lost in Space – Again, I think puberty had much to do with my love for this wonderful Sci-Fi series that had everything from hot babes to a talking Robot.

BMBG R       julie        Julie2

7. Batman – Yes it was campy, corny stupid, silly and used a lot of one syllable words. But it was all about the Batmobile my friends. The Batmobile was hot and is still my dream car. Hell I’d drive it on a rainy day. It was almost as hot as Julie Newmar “Meow”. What can I say, If you take a hot woman and put her in a tight black jumpsuit, it gets my attention.

86 99 99 breathless agent 99

8. Get Smart –Speaking of puberty and hot babes; how can any young testosterone filled young man not be glued to agent 99 in her leather jump suit? Oh my! Sure Maxwell Smart was funny as agent 86, but the show would never have lasted without the beautiful Barbara Feldon. I would try my hardest (if you’ll excuse the pun) to stay up (excuse again please) on Saturday nights to watch The Avengers which also had a beautiful agent in a black leather jump suit named Diana Rigg, only she was English.

bewitched Sam smile Samantha

9. Bewitched –This show was hilarious. The one question everybody has to ask when you bring up Bewitched is: “If Samantha was a witch; why didn’t she make Darren better looking”? The story of Dick York is/was a truly sad story. I can almost share his misery. If the show were being filmed today, they would have just divorced Darren and Samantha and nobody would have said a thing. But we had morals that were decaying back in the 60s. I’ve always felt that if they were going to do a movie based on the TV show, it should have starred Meg Ryan. She would have been a perfect Samantha.


Hornet logo   Bruce Lee    Hornet photo


Just one comment: “Bruce Lee”. Sure it was a cheap version of Batman, in fact they did cross overs with Batman, but the “Black Beauty” was no “Batmobile” The only reason America watched The Green Hornet was to watch Bruce Lee kick ass.  PERIOD


The Top Ten Movies of the 1960s

Connery           Thunderball

1. Thunderball 1965– Perhaps the best James Bond Movie of the 60s. I could go on to say that we could fill all ten slots with Bond movies but so I just picked one to represent the genre. The other Bond Movie, which could have been in this spot would have been “Goldfinger”. Many die hard Bond fans claim Sean Connery is the one and only true James Bond agent 007.


2. Planet of the Apes – This was the original POA starring Charlton Heston. Not only was it the highest rated movie of the 60s, but it brought in 26 Million at the U.S. box office. The story of Re-evolution where man time travels forward into time only to find that Apes are at the top of the food chain while humans are still subspecies has been done three times now. (To the best of my knowledge) The original has yet to be outdone. Perhaps the novelty of Apes being in charge only works once.

Band C BC

3. Bonnie and Clyde 1967 – This was one of the first movies that I watched more than twice. In the 60s, the counter culture was making its’ mark in Hollywood. Bad was good and Good was boring and “Not Cool”, so we will find a few anti-establishment movies on this list. The first of them is a story about Bonnie and Clyde Barrows. The two were real bank robbers that used a B.A.R. military weapon to shoot it out with the police. It was no contest.


The Browning Automatic Rifle was used in WWII to save the squad’s ass when they were “Pinned down”. The 20 round magazine could not only go through a car fender, but it could go through the engine as well. After this movie came out, every kid in junior high use to recreate the final scene. I’ll not spoil the ending for you, however it is the best part of the movie. This put Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway on the A list of Actors in Hollywood.


4. 2001 A Space Odyssey 1968 – Where’s my Jet Pack Damn It? It’s funny how much of the technology has come to fruition in this Sci-Fi movie about the future. This movie was written by Stanley Kubrick about life 34 years in the future. But the movie is more about “Theosophy” than it is “Technology”. It’s about aliens, but not as we expected. There are no little green men and the ending has spawned endless college essays. One interesting bit of trivia is that the computer used in the movie is named HAL. (The letters that precede IBM)

Elvis    Elvis FTD


5. Follow that Dream 1962 – also include, Blue Hawaii, Roustabout, Viva Las Vegas, Kissing Cousins, Fun in Acapulco, Kid Gallahad, It happened at the world’s fair, The 68 Comeback Special and 24 other Elvis Movies that the King did in the 60s. While Elvis was trying to merge his music career with crappy movies, the Music Charts would be dominated by the group that is next on the list.

Beatles  HDN

6. A Hard Day’s Night 1964 – This was a stupid movie that introduced the Beatles to the World. There’s no real plot. It’s more of a fictional documentary of what it was like being a Beatle amidst “Beatlemania”. As with Elvis, you can add the movie “Help” (In Color) to this list as well as “Yellow Submarine”. I happen to think A Hard Day’s Night is still the Beatles’ best album. (With all due respect to the White Album and Let it be) In fairness, The Dave Clark Five had a movie released in the 60s called “Have a wild weekend” but you would have never known had I not just told you.


7. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane 1962 – I only have one comment: “Betty Davis scared the fuck out of me”.

BS SD  cool luke   easyrider

8. *All of the 60s counter culture classics – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Cool Hand Luke, Guess who’s coming to dinner, To kill a Mocking Bird, Easy Rider, To Sir with Love, Midnight Cowboy, etc…. Towards the end of the 60s, we started getting movies that made us root for the bad guys. After all, bad guys are cool right? Just look at the White house.


9. The Longest Day 1962 – Simply the ultimate movie about WWII. You need patients and lots of time to watch it. It has a star studded cast that starts with John Wayne. I could fill a whole page with A list actors in this Movie.

Leg      Grad

10. The Graduate 1967 – The movie that made Dustin Hoffman a household word as in: “Mrs. Robinson you’re seducing me”. This movie was filmed in Berkeley CA during the midst of the summer of Love as well as the People’s park riots. One great blooper is a shot of Hoffman racing in his MG to Berkeley on the top deck of the Bay Bridge. Sorry, that takes you to the San Francisco Peninsula. Berkeley is the other way. The movie was spoofed three times. Once in the 80s in Greg Kihn’s video “Jeopardy”, again in Weird Al’s video “I lost at Jeopardy” (Greg Kihn drives the MG in Weird Al’s video at the end) then finally, in the 90s at the end of “Wayne’s World” II

Music  Chitty  poppins

Notable Mentions. I would put all of the Disney Hits that dominated the box office. I believe the top grossing film in the 60s was “The Sound of Music”. The list of Disney movies out numbers the list of Elvis movies.

Producers    The Producers

Best Sleeper of the 60sThe Producers 1967 produced by Mel Brooks starring Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel. Best part of the Movie: “Springtime for Hitler and Germany”.

batman   Bat batmobile

CM Best Cult Movie – Without a doubt, the best Cult movie of the 60s was “The Batman Movie”. It’s a timeless classis with a star studded cast that includes the TV cast.

Max  Blue M

Personal FavoriteThe Blue Max 1966 – This was the first movie that I watched 3 times in one day. It’s a WWI movie with bi-planes and Ursula Andress’ breasts. I was just entering puberty when I saw this movie and fell in love with it. The movie features George Peppard and James Mason.  It also stars the beautiful Ms. Ursula Andress.

Broken Dreams and Enduring Bullshit

Once I figured out I wasn’t going to be drafted by the San Francisco Giants, I sort of gave up my hopes of playing shortstop at Candlestick Park.  It didn’t help that my dad told me I was wasting my time going out for baseball and sitting on the bench.  I think he gently explained to me that I lacked certain tools.  No wait, I think he just said: “You suck”.  But he did buy me a guitar.

Oakland Athletics v San Francisco Giants

As you know my mom died when I was 11.  She was my main source of attention as most mothers should be.  I was the child prodigy in our town and my mom was like a soccer mom only for music.   Actually she was my first agent.  When she died it left a huge hole.  Perhaps vacuum is a better word.


Four decades after her death, my biggest accomplishments are 4 CDs and one 45rpm vinyl record.  Somewhere there’s a live tape of a recording I did in Japan.  I know many people that think my music is wonderful. A few videos on YouTube have tens of thousands of views. Many have 5 to 10 thousand views while on the other hand I have videos on YouTube that do not have 500 views.  Being an old guy that doesn’t give a shit about Justin Bieber or Katy Perry has its’ drawbacks.


I guess like most musicians, you eventually want to be on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.  I did make the cover of that Sunday morning magazine that came in the Sunday paper.  I had a wonderful review written in the wave magazine. (You geek and tech heads in Silicon Valley probably know me)


“Fast, Loud and Unapologetically confrontational Rock”.

I’ve lived in the world of professional music, but I never had an entourage or a Limo to drive me to the gig.  I can name drop all day long but that would be tacky and show no class.  I guess I made my mark in music.  I only wish I could have gone out as David Bowie’s guitarist on his farewell tour.


Now my life consists of basically Enduring Bullshit.  The America I once knew has turned into a ghetto.  All of the beautiful places like my home in Carmel California have skyrocketed in personal income tax while cutting the essential services like the police, the mail, healthcare and the Fire department.  When I left California, an article had come out that claimed that 10,000 millionaires a month were leaving California.  Many of these were job providers.


I spend my life trying to keep from losing my temper over almost anything.  People are really mad.  Especially old people.  I was in a store with my shopping cart yesterday and a woman in her late 80s took her metal cane and smacked the fuck out of my shopping cart.  I looked over at this gray haired lady and her 50 something daughter and said: “What was that all about”.  In an embarrassed voice the daughter said: “That was my mother’s cane”.  At that point, a breaker switch that I had installed after 4 years of therapy in California went off and I said nothing.


When I first moved to my new location, the people were wonderful.  When my friends would say: “What do you like about Nevada”? I would say: “The people are wonderful”, and for the majority, it’s true.  Which I can honestly say was not the case in California.  Of course that’s where I had the mental breaker switch installed.  I’d say less than 95% of the people I meet in this state are kind and sincere.  The other 5% are really mean and sincere.

It’s getting bad because as I grow older, I just want to stay in my house and read.  I enjoy watching old TV series on DVD and if I need something, I go shopping at EBAY or Amazon.  California is only a 20 minute drive away but every time I go back to California, I run into the crazy people.  They remind me of why I moved.  California doesn’t even seem like California anymore.  It seems like a 3rd world country.


I think California’s fate will be determined by the people of a small city called Murrieta, California.  California was able to reduce the influx of illegals from Mexico by 95% when federal funds were given to the state to build a fence AND THEY USED IT AS SUCH.  So illegals had to come in through Arizona and Texas.   This why you never hear boarder disputes from California.  But now that Obama wants to give these children new homes with room service, the people in NIMBY communities are rising up. (Nimby= Not In My Back Yard)

P1           P2

There’s an old saying: “As California goes, so goes the nation”.  We found a Bug out location over the hill to ride out the turmoil.  Hopefully my home will still be inhabitable when it comes time to rebuild California.  Hopefully it won’t end up like Detroit.